Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between Exhibit Hall Only vs. Full Registrations?

The Exhibit Hall Only pass is limited access to the Exhibit Hall for the whole conference. Closing night event tickets can be added in addition to the exhibit hall only pass. If you’re an attendee that is speaking, co-presenting or primary, you will need a Full Registration.

I have paid to become a sponsor. What is the next step?

Sponsorship comes with a set amount of registrations. When payment has been received you will get an email with your complimentary pass codes, aka “Vendor Code”. The Vendor Code must be used to register ALL attendees from your company. Once your comped registrations have been used, your next registration will be charged at the current rate. If purchasing additional registrations you must use your unique vendor code to do so.

*Vendors do not receive comps for co-presenting.

*Vendors do not receive comps with purchased sessions.

When is my sponsorship payment due?

Sponsorship payment is due immediately unless special payment plan has been previously approved. Booth number, logo/link on event website, and attendee lists will not be issued until payment has been received. Please contact Tom Chambers, with questions.


How can I present at Alliance 2018?

Presenting: There are 2 ways to present at Alliance. NO EXCPETIONS.

1. Co-Present with MEMBER Institution- Member Institutions must submit session prior to deadline and list company individual as Co-Presenter.

2. Purchase a presentation and present. Presentations come with Platinum, Gold, and Silver Sponsorships. Full and Mini Presentations are also available for purchase. There is no limit to the number of presentations one company may present.