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Representing hundreds of member institutions and thousands of individuals across the globe we consist of members from community colleges, small liberal arts colleges, large research universities and state university systems.

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The HEUG Institutional Membership will give all members of your institution access to the enhanced communication, collaboration and learning benefits from the HEUG. The fees are determined based on the Student Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) count for your institution. The HEUG Institutional Membership will help your implementation, upgrade or maintenance teams tap into the knowledge of over 32,000 HEUG members to help them make the most of your applications!

Designed to take teamwork to the next level

HEUG helps your institution grow without limits, if you are using Oracle applications and are from a higher education institution, we invite you to join us.

Membership fees will be tiered based on the Student Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) count for the institution and will give membership benefits to all employees of the institution.

Institutional Member Fees

10,000 FTE Students $1,000 Annually
10,000 - 29,999 FTE Students $2,000 Annually
30,000 - 59,999 FTE Students $3,000 Annually
60,000 or more FTE Students $6,000 Annually