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Christopher Pofile Photo

Christopher Pokorny

Cleveland State University

Manager, IT Services

Session: YouTube, Social Media, and Building a Brand: Mixing Hobbies with Professional Development

YouTube is one of the most popular avenues for people to find entertainment or instructional videos, but have you ever wondered how a hobby such as that can be tied into building your professional development skills? Although this session does not tie in directly to higher education, we will also discuss how these skills help broaden your experience, resume, and understanding into the world of marketing, public speaking, design, and networking.

Topics Covered:

  • Live demos of the technology devices used for pre-recorded and live videos on YouTube
  • Thinking about what type of topic one truly wants to cover as a hobby for this venture
  • My experience with creating a YouTube channel, and working toward being monetized as a YouTube Partner
  • Setting up social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to help cross-promote and build awareness

Outcomes for attendees:

  • Attendees will learn the technology needed to start making videos on YouTube, and the requirements needed to be a YouTube partner for monetization.
  • Attendees will be aware of how other social media platforms help build a brand and promote content.
  • Attendees will see the power that networking has in any venture in life, including video and picture content.


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