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Deidre Pofile Photo

Deidre Muir

North Dakota University System

Assistant Director Campus Solutions

Session: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How - A complete guide to SF Item Type and Payment Application Setup

We'd like to share our knowledge of SF item type and payment application setup by providing a guide and explanation of everything involved with item type and payment application.

Topics Covered:

  • Item type and tree definitions
  • Item type setup
  • Charge priority setup
  • Payment overall priority setup
  • Showcase how the creation of additional trees has given us options to restrict payments to specific items

Outcomes for attendees:

  • Understand how to set up item types, charge priorities, and payment overall priorities.
  • Understand the implications of editing an existing field on item types, charge priorities, and payment overall priorities and know when editing is appropriate or when a new item type, charge priority, or payment overall priority may be needed.
  • Learn how additional item type trees may benefit their organization and understand how to incorporate the new trees into their existing setup.


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