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Jamie Frances Rose Polizzi

University of Texas at Dallas

Information Systems Analyst

Session: PS Query for Functional Users – Intermediate to Advanced Expressions

Learn how to get more out of your queries as we take a look at some of the query functionality that UT Dallas has found to be the most helpful. We use PS Query for population selections, reports, pagelets, and more, and would love to share the expressions we have found the most helpful over the years!
This session is aimed at functional users with an intermediate level of knowledge with PS Query.

Topics Covered:

  • Review of some basics/different query types to expand your auditing capabilities using query
  • Unions
  • Transformations
  • Miscellaneous expressions
  • ListAgg, removing duplicate values, and getting around the 4,000 character constraint
  • Regular Expressions
  • Meta-SQL
  • What else can we do with queries? Creating Queries as content references, related content, and in advanced BI reports
  • Auditing queries we have created -- how to query on your queries

Outcomes for attendees:

  • Learn how to get more out of your queries to use for reporting, data sources, and downstream processes.
  • Learn some additional ways to utilize queries that you have built.
  • Learn intermediate to advance expressions to reduce manual upkeep of queries.


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