Innovation Alley



Peer Demos

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than an hourlong session at a podium? So have we. New to Alliance this year are Peer Demos, part of our new Innovation Alley. Here you will see short, hands-on demos by technical and functional users from HEUG institutions. Get real inside information and know-how from your peers on the front lines of bringing innovation to their institutions. No need to hold onto questions until the end, the peer demos are meant to be interactive, informal and instructive.

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Stop & Share

Attendees sign up to attend small group discussions about institutional issues, brainstorm with peers, make new contacts, and learn what others have done to reach a solution.

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Meet the Experts

An informal opportunity for you to connect with Oracle experts focused on specific areas of interest.  Oracle specialists with knowledge on a range of products and solutions are available to discuss the latest releases, help you map the best path for your enterprise, and answer the questions that keep you up at night.

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Innovations Track

Sessions designed to showcase new and innovative ideas, future-looking functionality, and strategic cross-modular designs (covering three or more modules). This is where institutions, Oracle and other vendors can preview ideas on technologies that will be important in the near future as well as interesting projects and prototypes.

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