In today’s world, it is rare when a single system can meet our institutional needs. The Integrations pathway will guide attendees through some critical considerations when bringing their entire IT ecosystem together.

Some relevant/technical experience preferred

Great for developers, system and security administrators, system architects and more

Under 10 hours of total session time

You'll learn about

  • Integration, data governance and security best practices
  • Success stories from member institutions
  • Takeaways that can be applied to your institutional integration needs

Selected Sessions

9621 Admissions CRM integration on the Cheap - how to use delivered processes and creativity to integrate

Track: Student Information System (SIS)

Primary Presenter: Brenda Curry-White [Associate Director - Admissions Systems - University of Louisville]

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9737 Integration, Data Governance, & Security

Track: Technical & Reporting

Primary Presenter: Lindsey Konerza [Security Policy and Awareness - University of Minnesota]

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9585 GraphQL, a Query Language for Your API, Using GraphQL to Get Data from CANVAS on PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Track: Technical & Reporting

Primary Presenter: Dongmei Gao [Application Analyst - Florida State University]

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9691 Keeping the Customer in Mind: Adopting Adaptibility and Abandonment

Track: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Primary Presenter: Tina Gonzales, MLIS [Enterprise Business Analyst II - Boise State University]

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9638 Integration and Conversion Strategies for a Campus Solutions implementation - Michigan State University

Track: Technical & Reporting

Primary Presenter: Shyam Gedela [Assistant Director, MSU IT Enterprise Services - Michigan State University]

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