Professional Development:

Join us to focus on building skills, such as management and leadership, that go well beyond the primary tracks and ERP systems.

No relevant experience required

Great for all attendees – all staff, managers, and executives.

Under 10 hours of total session time

You'll learn about

  • Leadership identity and skills
  • Skills for functioning within the current culture and climate
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices

Selected Sessions

Session 8663: Preferred Names and Pronouns: Why they matter

Track: Leading Change

Primary Presenter: Cheri McEntee [Associate Director for Computing Projects - Syracuse University]


This session will give you a better understanding of why Pronouns and preferred names are important. We will discuss key terms and concepts related to gender. We will discuss Title IX protections.
Session 8710: Presentation is everything! Ways to engage your students in an effective way

Track: Student Information System (SIS)

Primary Presenter: Jack Bommer [Business Analyst / Application Specialist - Inholland University of Applied Sciences]


More and more information reaches us daily. This is also true for students. For this reason it is becoming increasingly difficult for educational institutions to get and hold attention when providing information. Sometimes it can be even more challenging to obtain the required responses.

One of the things that can influence this is the way students are approached and how the information is presented. This will be discussed in this session. Several examples will be given of processes that we have adapted to make it clearer and more effective for both students and employees. The demos and examples mainly focus on PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. It will also be indicated where the use of other solutions such as chatbot and apps were necessary.

Session 8668: Lost In Translation: Effective Communication in the Changing Work Landscape With a Diverse Workforce

Track: Leading Change

Primary Presenter: Jill Theroux [Information Security Analyst - University of Nevada, Las Vegas]


In the past two years, the work landscape has changed dramatically with more institutions moving to remote work, some permanently. In this presentation we will look at all of the ways institutions have had to adapt to the changing work landscape and the effects this has had on a workforce made up of diverse individuals from various backgrounds. We will go over the important do’s and don’ts of effectively communicating through different technologies such as Zoom, Instant Messenger and email with real life examples of the good, the bad and the ugly. Live polling will be used in this interactive presentation as we ask the audience their thoughts on topics such as using emojis/memes and what topics are appropriate to discuss in a work setting. We will also discuss the challenges often faced by our colleagues where English is their second language and what steps can be taken to ensure we are all heard and understood in this new “Zoom Era”. Being an effective communicator is paramount to successfully navigating an organization; whether it be face to face or written communication. An individual who is able to convey their needs and the needs of their organization will be most effective at creating change.
Session 8661: Petitions and Appeals Evolution 1990 - 2021

Track: Student Information System (SIS)

Primary Presenter: Lew Conner [HEUG Executive Director Emeritus - Higher Education User Group]


This session will offer a bit of nostalgia describing how the speaker as a University Registrar at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1990 addressed the petition and appeal process, and how the same speaker in semi-retirement works through the process in the Office of the Registrar at the University of Minnesota, Duluth