Data Management:

Focusing on the importance of Data Governance, as well as Data Integration, including the relationship between these two important concepts, participants who embark on this journey will leave Alliance prepared to lead their institutions in effective sharing and use of data, as well as understanding how to best share the data across needs.

Some relevant experience preferred

Great for operations managers, project administrators, technical project managers, and more.

Under 10 hours of total session time

You'll learn about

  • Why data integration/data governance is important
  • Data Governance best practices
  • Integration platforms
  • Integrating data between different applications

Selected Sessions

Session 8532: Data Integration and Data Delivery Panel

Track: Technical & Reporting

Primary Presenter: Russ Scadden [Managing Director Application Engineering - Brigham Young University]


Come ask questions and learn from a panel of indiviuals using different platforms to facilitate data integration and data delivery at their respective institutions. Integrations are a key challenge in today's world where data is harvested, transformed and transported from on-premise and Cloud based applications using APIs, events, streams, data virtualization and other transport methods. The panel discussion will be moderated by Lindsey Konerza, University of Minnesota.
Session 8533: Data visualization and analytics in Higher Education

Track: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Primary Presenter: Anna Kourouniotis [Database Analyst II - Duke University]


This presentation presents ways that higher education institutions can use analytics and data visualizations to make an impact with data. The focus is on methodology and practice rather than specific tools. The intention is to provide the audience with a high-level understanding of how institutions discover and communicate their findings which allow for transparency and also promote a self-service approach to easily attaining information. In some cases, this may ultimately lead to driving change that includes creating a data culture.
Session 8808: Identity & Access Management - How do we even start?

Track: Technical & Reporting

Primary Presenter: Mark Cox, IDPro [Director, Identity Services and Solutions - University of Virginia]


Are you trying to figure out how to start an Identity & Access Management program? Come to this session to hear about UVA's journey in creating an IAM program, vendor selection, project management, and governance.
Session 8597: How to Implement RESTful API - Let's Create Together!

Track: Technical & Reporting

Primary Presenter: Syed Usman Ahmed [Senior PeopleSoft Developer - University of California, Berkeley]


A RESTful API, also known as RESTful web service, is getting a more flexible approach in integrating systems and syncing data. PeopleSoft supports multiple methods to implement RESTful APIs for various requirements. Here at UC Berkeley, we have created more than 20 RESTful APIs for different requirements. I will demonstrate how to implement the RESTful API in Campus Solution PeopleSoft.

The following will be covered:

  • 1. Create a RESTful API from scratch - IB Config + PeopleCode.
  • 2. How to test the API.
  • 3. Discuss different methods to expose an API and their pros & cons.
Session 8714: Ellucian Ethos Integration for ILP and Experience

Track: Technical & Reporting

Primary Presenter: Senta Chmiel [Senior DBA/Banner Technical Team Lead - Fairmont State University]


Ethos Integration for ILP has a variety of steps that must be executed in the correct sequence or Ethos (and/or ILP/Experience) will not work from both installing and configuring rabbitmq, Banner Event Publisher, Ellucian Messaging Service, and Ethos Api Management Center to Configuring Ethos Integration in the Ellucian Support Center and to generating and understanding GUIDS. This presentation will include tips and "gotcha" encountered by Fairmont State University when it implemented Ellucian Ethos Integration for ILP.