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Oracle 611 https://www.oracle.com/industries/higher-education/index.html Oracle
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Appsian 621 http://www.appsian.com Appsian
Ciber 521 http://www.ciber.com Ciber
HighPoint 721 https://www.mhighpoint.com/ HighPoint
Huron Consulting Group 913 https://www.huronconsultinggroup.com/ Huron Consulting Group
Nelnet Campus Commerce 513 http://www.campuscommerce.com Nelnet Campus Commerce
Sierra-Cedar 413 https://www.sierra-cedar.com/ Sierra-Cedar
TouchNet Information Systems, Inc. 812 http://www.touchnet.com TouchNet Information Systems, Inc.
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Blackboard Transact / Cashnet 221 https://www.blackboard.com/campus-access-card/blackboard-transact.html Blackboard Transact / Cashnet
Blackline 401 http://www.blackline.com Blackline
CollegeNET 121 https://www.collegenet.com CollegeNET
CollegeSource 320 http://www.collegesource.com/ CollegeSource
CourseLeaf from Leepfrog Technologies 213 http://www.courseleaf.com CourseLeaf from Leepfrog Technologies
Deloitte 412 http://www.deloitte.com/highereducation Deloitte
DIGARC 421 http://www.digarc.com DIGARC
Edict Systems 321 http://www.edictsystems.com Edict Systems
FATV 601 https://www.fatv.us/about-us FATV
Gideon Taylor Consulting 606 http://gideontaylor.com/ Gideon Taylor Consulting
HIGHSTREET 821 http://www.highstreetit.com HIGHSTREET
Hyland 921 https://www.onbase.com/en/solutions/higher-education Hyland
IntraSee 912 https://intrasee.com IntraSee
Microsoft 929 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/ Microsoft
SkyBridge 520 http://skybridgeglobal.com/ SkyBridge
Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. 906 https://www.smarterp.com/ Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.
SOFTDOCS 306 http://www.softdocs.com SOFTDOCS
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Ad Astra 605 https://www.aais.com/ Ad Astra
CampusLogic 109 http://www.campuslogic.com CampusLogic
campusM, an Ex Libris Solution 212 http://www.campusm.com/ campusM, an Ex Libris Solution
College Scheduler by Civitas Learning 727 https://www.collegescheduler.com/ College Scheduler by Civitas Learning
Ellucian 607 http://www.ellucian.com Ellucian
ERP Analyst 222 http://www.erapgroup.com ERP Analyst
FICO 307 https://www.fico.com/ FICO
Flywire 430 https://www.flywire.com/ Flywire
Ideametrics 503 https://www.ideametrics.com/ Ideametrics
InFlight 706 https://www.inflightintegration.com/ InFlight
Infosys Limited No Booth https://www.infosys.com/ Infosys Limited
InnoFin Solutions 209 http://innofinsolutions.com InnoFin Solutions
Kastech Software Solutions Group 330 https://kastechssg.com/ Kastech Software Solutions Group
Maverick Solutions 420 https://www.mavericksolutions.net/ Maverick Solutions
MCX Administration Services BV No Booth https://www.mcx.nl/en/about MCX Administration Services BV
Modo Labs 626 https://www.modolabs.com/ Modo Labs
National Student Clearinghouse 726 http://www.studentclearinghouse.org National Student Clearinghouse
NProdigy 220 https://www.nprodigy.com/ NProdigy
Presence of IT 704 https://www.presenceofit.com/ Presence of IT
TAM Training 909 https://www.tamtraining.com/ TAM Training
TimeClock Plus 407 https://www.timeclockplus.com/ TimeClock Plus
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ACI Worldwide 806 http://aciworldwide.com/highered ACI Worldwide
Adirondack Solutions 602 https://www.adirondacksolutions.com/ Adirondack Solutions
ADP 207 http://adp.com/ ADP
American Express 206 American Express
CherryRoad Technologies Inc. 801 http://www.cherryroad.com CherryRoad Technologies Inc.
Cornerstone 506 https://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/ Cornerstone
Coursedog, Inc 113 http://coursedog.com Coursedog, Inc
Credentials Solutions 809 http://www.credentialssolutions.net/ Credentials Solutions
DocFinity 408 http://www.docfinity.com DocFinity
dormakaba Workforce Solutions 406 https://www.dormakaba.us/WFS dormakaba Workforce Solutions
GlobalVox LLC 327 http://www.globalvoxinc.com GlobalVox LLC
GNC Consulting Inc. 807 http://www.gnc-consulting.com/ GNC Consulting Inc.
HyperGen Inc. 107 https://www.hypergeninc.com/ HyperGen Inc.
Infosilem 309 https://infosilem.com/ Infosilem
insightsoftware 427 https://www.insightsoftware.com/ insightsoftware
Navigator Management Partners 509 http://www.navmp.com/ Navigator Management Partners
NG Web Solutions 827 http://www.ngwebsolutions.com/ NG Web Solutions
Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG) 800 http://ohug.org/
Parchment 527 https://www.parchment.com/ Parchment
Performance Architects 808 http://www.performancearchitects.com Performance Architects
Phire 907 http://www.phire-soft.com/ Phire
Remy Corporation 802 https://www.remycorp.com/ Remy Corporation
Signature Consultants 507 https://www.sigconsult.com/ Signature Consultants
SpearMC 627 http://spearmc.com/ SpearMC
Starrez 208 https://www.starrez.com/ Starrez
TargetX 115 http://targetx.com TargetX
TeachMe2Day 926 http://teachme2day.com/ TeachMe2Day
The Tambellini Group 526 http://www.thetambellinigroup.com/ The Tambellini Group
Visual Schedule Builder 508 https://www.vsbuilder.com/ Visual Schedule Builder
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Cirrus Identity, Inc. Startup Area https://www.cirrusidentity.com/ Cirrus Identity, Inc.
Mutara Inc Startup Area https://blog.mutarainc.com/
The Smart Panda Startup Area https://thesmartpanda.com/ The Smart Panda
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Apex IT No Booth
CY2 No Booth
Elire No Booth
Epicenter No Booth https://epicenter.eu/ Epicenter
EthelTech INC No Booth EthelTech INC
Global Source IT No Booth
IBM No Booth
JSMPROS INC No Booth http://www.jsmpros.com/ JSMPROS INC
LogicGate No Booth
uDigit No Booth
Visions Conuslting No Booth
Workbeast No Booth