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We're looking forward to your session at Alliance 2024!

We hope you are ready to present and if not - we have pulled together this guide to make sure that you are. From training opportunities to best practices, you will be able to find all the relevant information in one place to make you feel confident before you get onsite and on stage.

Presenter Timeline




Session Submission Opens

Alliance is a user-driven conference with high-quality presentations across ALL ERP Systems and a broad spectrum of topics. Speakers should use and follow the Alliance Conference presentation guidelines (202 KB) in developing and submitting their proposals. There are a variety of session lengths and formats for presenters to accommodate their topics, from workshops to regular sessions, there are options to suit your presentation needs.



Session Submission Closes


General Membership Voting

A General Membership Session Vote will occur to receive the membership's opinion on the submitted sessions. Voting is open to Institutional Members only.


Submission Results Notification

You will receive notification of your submission results via email no later than October 25, 2023.


Presentation Acceptance Due

You must re-confirm your commitment to present this presentation at Alliance 2024 in Phoenix, AZ. Please visit your session and indicate whether you will accept or reject this invitation no later than Friday, October 27, 2023.



Registration & Housing Opens

Book your hotel at one of the official Alliance Conference Hotels to receive your presenter discount and then register to attend the conference.


Agenda Release with Session Times

Learn the date and time of your scheduled session and attendees will begin building their agendas.



Session Detail Updates Deadline

Complete a final review of your session, go to My Presentations and select the session to review (you must have a HEUG login to access). If you would like to make any changes please email by January 12, 2024


Presenter Registration Deadline

Presenters are required to register for the Alliance 2024 Conference.  Presenters are eligible for one (1) discount only. Presenters selected for multiple sessions are eligible for one discount rate which provides the greatest benefit. No other expenses are reimbursed by the Alliance conference. The registration discount is non-transferable. NOTE: Members presenting on a sponsored vendor session are not eligible for a discounted registration.

Review Presenter Discounts


CPE Presentations Due

If your session has been approved to be eligible for Continuing and Professional Education credits, you will need to upload your session materials by January 26, 2024 for content review.


Presenter Training

Whether you are a first time presenter or a seasoned vet, it's important to join the Alliance 2024 Presenter Training. This session will cover presentation requirements, the mobile app, live polling, session logistics, tips and tricks and more!



Presenter Ready Room Sign-Up

A presenter ready room will be available for 30-minute time slots on-site if you would like to test the AV equipment with your laptop or device.

Schedule Your Timeslot


Upload Session Files

If you missed the Virtual Presenter Training, be sure to check out the recording to catch up on all the logistics. We covered the timeline, session logistics, and answer all your burning questions to prepare you for your session. 

To upload your presentation:

  1. Go to My Presentations
  2. Find and click on the presentation you need to upload the file(s).
  3. Click the Files iconicon on the left, and upload each of your files.
    • Maximum File Size: 60 MB

NOTE: If you have any problems uploading files, please email so they can be added into the system on your behalf.

MARCH 2024


Alliance Conference - What to Expect

  • AUDIO VISUAL: All meeting rooms are equipped with LCD projector (16:9), screen, lectern with wired podium microphone, panel table with a wired microphone and wireless Internet access. Presenters must bring their own laptop and any adaptors if applicable. Unlike in years past, HDMI-Connectors will be provided in each room, however, if you need a different converter (ie. VGA, DVI, Apple, etc), please bring it with you. If you need additional converters on-site, please check in with the AV team at the Presenter Ready Room the day before your session. If additional AV is needed, please email so they can put in a request with the conference team. These requests are subject to review and approval by the program chair.
  • INTERNET: Wireless internet service will be available in every session room. Presenters will have a separate Wi-Fi access code to use during their presentations only. Be cautious in using a live demo since some host systems can become unavailable unexpectedly and internet connectivity can be disrupted. Presenters are strongly encouraged to have screenshots with them as an alternative should any issues occur.
  • RECORDING: Unless otherwise specified, every session will have the audio portion recorded. Please use the microphones provided for the purpose of recording as this will make a dramatic difference in the value of the recording if questions are included. If your room does not have a separate microphone for audience questions, please repeat the question prior to answering.
  • FIRE CODES: Prior to starting your presentation, please ask any attendees standing to find a seat to avoid any fire code issues. Some venues require that a Fire Marshall be onsite to look for any potential hazards to ensure the safety of all the attendees.

CPE Presenter Information

The Alliance conference is pleased to announce our CPE Credit opportunities for this year's conference.

Please read our CPE Presenter guidelines carefully as they have been updated:

  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a requirement for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to maintain an active license.
  • Presenters should remind attendees participating in the Alliance CPE program to sign in and sign-out on the attendance log or scanner that is provided at each CPE eligible session. Failure to sign-out will result in zero CPE hours for that session. The conference team will provide the Attendance Log in each room.
  • As a presenter you must also sign and date the Attendance Log.
  • Sessions that are classified as:
    • Regular sessions should have 50 minutes of content.
    • Workshop sessions should have 150 minutes of content.
      • Attendees in the sessions that do not meet the time requirement will receive partial credit for the time in the session.
  • Audience engagement is a required slide for all CPE sessions.
    • Regular sessions must have at least one (1) question that engages audience participation.
    • Two-Part sessions must have at least two (2) questions (one per hour) that engage audience participation.
    • Workshop sessions must have at least three (3) questions (one per hour) that engage audience participation.
      • Be sure to include these questions on a slide in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Presentations must be uploaded to your session by January 26, 2024.
  • We will have a volunteer to assist you with the administration of the CPE documentation. If a volunteer is not present, please return the Attendance Log to the Conference Show Office Room immediately after your session.
  • CPE is randomly audited by the National Association of State Boards for Accountancy (NASBA)
  • The HEUG CPE Coordinator maintains CPE information for at least 5 years.