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NEW! Focus Areas

1. Data to Decisions

Discover topics and tools designed to enable institutions to harness the power of data for better decision-making and improved outcomes.

Technical and Reporting   Leading Change

2. Student Technology Portfolio

Dive into a variety of robust modern student technology solutions that can complement and help manage the various student lifecycle activities from admissions to graduation and streamline the overall student engagement.

Student Information System   Technical and Reporting   Project and Change Management   Customer Relationship Management

3. Innovative Teaching and Learning Management

Explore the latest EdTech trends, techniques, and innovations in teaching, learning and training. It is designed to help stakeholders enhance student and employee engagement, learning outcomes, and overall educational experiences.

Project and Change Management   Student Information System   Technical and Reporting   Human Capital Management   Customer Relationship Management   Finance

4. Effective Financial Management

Empower organization visionaries with innovative strategies and cutting-edge best practices for fostering effective financial management and guidance towards financial success.

Finance   Student Information System

5. Innovative Workplace

Consider creative solutions and principles for overcoming challenges in the modern workplace to drive productivity, enhance collaboration, and promote employee well-being.

Human Capital Management   Project and Change Management   Leading Change

6. Integration Strategies

Address the challenges of integrating different systems and technologies, the importance of collaboration and communication, and the role of data security and privacy.

Student Information System   Customer Relationship Management   Project and Change Management   Technical and Reporting   Human Capital Management   Finance

7. Lifelong Learning

Discuss the best practices, development and implementation of non-traditional offerings in organizations, promote lifelong learning, and meet the diverse needs of today's workforce and students.

Leading Change   Human Capital Management

8. Elevating "U"

Unleash adaption and improvement not only in ourselves, but our institutions through topics related to personal and professional development such as soft skills, leadership, career planning, implementation tools/techniques, future of work and communication strategies.

Session Types

The Alliance conference offers a variety of session lengths and formats for presenters to accommodate their topics. Please review the time frames to determine which one is most suitable to the topic you wish to present.


Workshops cover complicated topics, suitable for in depth, hands on training. Primary Presenters will receive a 100% discount and one co-presenter can receive a 100% discount on Early Bird registrations.

180 minutes

Regular Session

Example regular session topics are typically explanation of projects, customizations, procedures, etc. Primary presenters will receive a 100% discount on Early Bird registration.

60 minutes

2-Part Series

Session topics could be in-depth setup explanations, recently delivered product enhancements, etc. Primary presenters will receive a 100% discount on Early Bird Registration. 2-Part Series’ must be submitted as two individual presentations.

120 minutes

Stop and Share

Moderate a small group (up to 10 people) discussions about institutional issues, brainstorm with peers, make new contacts, and learn what others have done to reach a solution.

30 minutes