Health and Safety

Safety at Alliance

Welcome! It's always good to take precautions when visiting a new city.  To ensure safer travels not only here, but anywhere you may visit, we offer some suggestions and resources below.

Be Smart, Be Safe: Follow the below tips to keep safe while on the busy streets of St. Louis
  • Remove your conference badge when walking around town. 
  • Safety in numbers: Explore the city with a friend or colleague.
  • Walk with purpose and in well-lit areas and on main streets.  
  • If alone after dark, use a ride service such as Lyft, Uber or a cab. 
  • Put the address and phone number of where you’re staying in your phone.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes up and not on your phone.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, walk into a business/hotel for help. 
  • Be careful and alert when using a cash machine. 
  • Carry your purse or wallet safely. Purses should be closed, held in front of your body. Wallets should be carried in a front pants pocket or in an interior jacket pocket. 

Filing an Incident Report

If you have been a part of or a witness to an incident at an Alliance event, we ask that you complete a report to document the incident. Incident Report forms are available at the show office or you may download a copy.

Still, have questions regarding your health and safety at Alliance? Email us at