Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is Alliance 2024?

The premier annual member-driven conference for Higher Education users from around the world. Alliance's expanded vendor inclusion makes this the place for higher education and public sector professionals to share knowledge, collaborate and become inspired regardless of product or platform.

Who can attend Alliance 2024?

All attendees must be an Institutional Member, Allied Member, or a Subscriber of the Higher Education User Group at the time of registration. A limited number of guests from other industries and employees of vendors accepted by the conference as exhibitors.

When is Alliance 2024?

Alliance 2024 is held Sunday March 3 through Wednesday March 6, 2024 with workshops held on Sunday March 3, 2024.

Where is Alliance 2024?

Alliance 2023 will be held in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center downtown (100 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004).

How do I let staff know I'd like ADA assistance during the conference?

During registration, you will be asked if you require ADA assistance. If so, a HEUG staff member will contact you before the start of the conference.
Advance notice is required for accessibility assistance, BEFORE Monday, February 12, 2024. Requests received after that, will be handled on a case-by-case basis and assistance cannot be guaranteed. We ask that you please register as soon as possible, to provide the best experience at the conference.

Where will Mainstage be at Alliance 2024?

Once you arrive at the venue, you won’t miss Mainstage. It’s the big ballroom right next to the Exhibit Hall.

Is there an additional fee to attend Mainstage events?

No. Your registration includes all the fun at Mainstage.

It looks like there are sessions running at the same time as some Mainstage events. Is that a mistake?

Good observation, but it’s not a mistake. We’ve programmed Mainstage so you always have a great alternative in the event you don’t have a “must attend” session to go to.

It looks like there are some Mainstage events that are running with no other programming option at that time. Is that right?

Yes! HEUGx and TownHall 1 on Monday, and TownHall 2 on Tuesday run as solo events on the Alliance24 agenda. Plan on attending those 3 events at a minimum at Mainstage, but we invite you to check out the rest of the agenda and pop in at any time.

Are there any vendors/pitches going on at Mainstage?

No. Mainstage is content, collaboration, and learning only. You can meet and connect with vendors in the exhibit hall.

Presenter/Session Questions

How can I become a presenter at Alliance 2024?

Session submissions were open from September 6 – October 6, 2023. Please visit our Presenter Information page for more details.

I am a presenter and need to make changes to my presentation. Who do I contact?

Please login to your profile Presenter Page, click on the session you wish to edit, then click the 'pencil icon' in the left menu. Once you complete your edits, click 'OK' to save them. If you are an exhibitor presenting, please contact Tom Chambers at

Do I get a free registration for presenting at Alliance 2024?

Presenters are eligible for one (1) discount only. Presenters selected for multiple sessions are eligible for one discounted rate which provides the greatest benefit. No other expenses are reimbursed by the Alliance conference. The registration discount is non-transferable.

Can I present my session for Alliance 2024 virtually?

The breakout rooms will not be equipped for virtual presentations (primary or co-presenters). We ask that our presenters are there in person for the conference.

My session was placed on-hold, when will I know if it's been accepted?

We will update you by December 15, 2023 of your final session status. Please proceed with registering for Alliance as an attendee at this time, and if your session is accepted, we will refund your registration based on the presenter registration discount.

What are my next steps as a presenter?

Follow the timeline and information on our Presenter Portal page.

When will the Mobile App be available?

Our conference mobile app is currently available. Please visit our HEUG Event App page for more information on how to build your conference agenda.

How can I build my agenda?

NOTE: You will not be able to login to the mobile app until your registration is paid.
Agenda Builder is located in the Alliance app. There are two methods to access the mobile app.

  • Go to the App Store and download the HEUG Events app:
    Android - Google Play
    iOS - Apple Store
    Click "Log in" at the top right then "Get Started". Create an Eventsential Account login by using the same e-mail address and password that you use to login to HEUG.Online.
    Then click on the Alliance 2023 event and log in again by using the same e-mail address and password that you use to login to HEUG.Online.
  • Go to on your browser to instantly access your mobile event guide!
    Click on the event then login by using the same e-mail address password that you use to login to HEUG.Online.

What time zone are the Alliance 2024 sessions listed in?

All times are listed in Arizona (MST). From the first Sunday in November until the second Sunday of March, most of Arizona is in the Mountain Standard Time Zone.

Housing Questions

Can I book my hotel through third-party suppliers (ie: Trivago, Expedia, Kayak, Hotels, etcc) and get the Earlybird Rate?

To take advantage of the early bird conference rate, you must make your hotel reservation through the conference reservation system. Audits are performed by Conference to confirm regsitration and hotel reservations match, if there is a discrepency an adjustment will be made to your registration fee to reflect the current conference rate. If you choose to change your hotel to a property outside the conference block after registering for the early bird rate, an adjustment will be made to your registration fee to reflect the current conference rate.

My hotel choice is no longer available, what should I do?

Hotel reservations are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to room availability. If a preferred hotel is unavailable, attendees may be placed on a waitlist.

I live in the area and do not need a hotel, how do I register without a hotel code?

Attendees who live within a 50 miles radius of our conference may request a waiver of the requirement of staying within the hotel block. We ask that you submit a Local Attendee Waiver Form prior to completing your registration.

How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

This information can be found in the Cancellation Policy section of our Housing Terms & Policies page.

Registration Questions

What is included in the registration rate for Alliance 2024?

Registration fee per attendee includes admission to all keynote and educational sessions, post-conference recording access, giveaways, Welcome Reception*, conference meals, refreshment breaks, Closing Night Event.

I am not sure if my organization is a member of HEUG. How do I check?

If you are unsure about your membership status there are several ways to verify your HEUG/PSUG Membership.

My organization is not a member of the HEUG, how do we join?

Visit the HEUG Membership information page for more details on how to enroll.

My organization is a member of the HEUG but I don't have a HEUG log in. How do I obtain one?

If your organization is already a member you can create a profile or reset your password.

What currency is the registration fee in?

The registration fee is in US Dollars. Payment must be in US Dollars.

What types of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and check/cheque are accepted. No purchase orders accepted.

I am trying to make payment with my credit/debit card, but payment won't go through.

If your payment did not go through, check to see if one of the following situations has occurred:

  • Credit card has been tried too many times, too quickly
  • Credit card has expired
  • Credit card limit has been reached
  • Credit card has a fraud listing
  • Credit card billing address doesn't match the one put in upon making payment

It is recommended that you contact your credit card provider to verify the information above. Please note that our system will temporarily block credit cards, if declined multiple times.

Where do I mail my check/cheque for registration fees?

This information can be found in the Payment Information section of our Registration Policies page.

May I request a registration transfer?

This information can be found in the Cancellation Policies section of our Registration Policies page.

How do I request a registration cancellation?

This information can be found in the Cancellation Policies section of our Registration Policies page.

Can I bring a guest to Alliance?

Yes, you can bring a guest to Alliance for an additional fee. If you have already registered, you can go to your registration to add a guest pass, a new invoice will be generated to be paid. Registered guests must not be in industry-related roles. Those in the same industry are not eligible as "guests". While guests are invited to the Sunday Welcome Reception and Tuesday Closing Night Event, they need to purchase a reception add-on to participate.

If I feel sick before the conference, what should I do?

For your safety and the safety of others, please contact

Group Registration Questions

Can we pay for multiple registrations at once?

This information can be found in the Payment Information section of our Registration Policies page.

Will Group Registration Packages be available again this year?

No. Group registration packs will not be available for 2024.

Travel Questions

What is the closest airport?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is home to 23 airlines offering nonstop flights from Phoenix to more than 120 domestic destinations and 23 international destinations.

What is the best way to get to the hotels from the Airport?

This information can be found in the Transporation section of our Travel page.

How do I get a Letter of Invitation for Visa purposes?

You must be registered and paid in full before requesting a Visa Request Letter. Please download the form, fill it out, and email it to


Miscellaneous Questions

What are the hours of the Alliance Conference Support?

Email will be answered as soon as possible between Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (MST) in United States UTC/GMT -07:00.

When and where are future Alliance conferences?

To view the full list of future Alliance conferences, please visit the  Past & Future Conferences page.

I have a question about membership with Higher Education User Group (HEUG)?

Please contact us at