Developing Agenda

The Alliance 2023 program has been carefully curated and planned to ensure the best attendee experience. Both innovative and relevant, attendees are sure to find many valuable sessions to attend. Continue to check back for more information as the agenda develops

Our commitment to quality content...

For our sessions, we invite HEUG member experts in Finance, HCM, Student Systems, CRM, Technical (and more!) with years of experience to present on all things Higher Education. They aren’t just experts, but also experienced professionals and speakers.

Thinking about becoming a presenter? We welcome proposals on a diverse range of topics, but we will consider any topic of interest to the HEUG community! Learn more about submitting a session.

Keynotes   NEW!

We've lined up some great keynote speakers each day at Alliance. We hope they leave you eager to make positive changes by working hard, never giving up, and being ambitious. They'll be sharing their stories and personal insights because as we know, it is often easier said than done.



Joe Abraham

Know, Tap & Leverage: 3 Actions To Catapult Your Professional Growth & Outcomes. As Higher Ed enters a phase of adopting exponential technologies, how can you best prepare for the transformation ahead? Startup guru, angel investor, and advisor to college presidents, Joe Abraham shares 3 proven strategies to get, and stay ahead.

Beyond Academics



Helen Norris

Since arriving in the US from Ireland in the 1980s, Helen Norris has worked in information technology in both the corporate world and in higher education. She currently serves as the Chief Information Officer at Chapman University. In this keynote, she will share leadership learnings from her journey, focusing on the special role that women leaders need to play.

The Tambellini Group



Doug Finley

Universities create tremendous positive impact on people, communities, and the world. We work at these institutions for the mission, but for many, our contributions are hard to see within the daily grind. This was my experience for many years. One key moment and some exploration of the organization allowed me to realize my impact is real and profound. By sharing what I've learned, I hope to inspire others to seek and discover that understanding wherever they are in their career. Presented by Doug Finley, Service Owner Storage and Hosting Services, University of Minnesota.


Highlighted Presenters



What is an Alliance Pathway?

Pathways are a set selection of member presented sessions that guide an attendee through a progression of information based on the interest areas they select. Take part in some or all of the sessions. The choice is yours!

Back to Basics

New to Alliance or just looking for a refresher on some of that basic functionality? The Back to Basics pathway focuses on the fundamentals for new and seasoned users alike.

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Life Hacks

Everyone wants to know the latest tip, trick, or shortcut. The Life Hacks pathway provides just that. Learn the latest techniques for making your job easier.

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Decision Making

Many institutions are facing big decisions in terms of technology and the future of their enterprise management systems. We'll provide a variety of sessions to aid in the decision making process.

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In today’s world, it is rare when a single system can meet our institutional needs. The Integrations pathway will guide attendees through some critical considerations when bringing their entire IT ecosystem together

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Specialty Session Types

Birds of a Feather

Join your interest area to discuss hot topics and get your questions answered in an informal group setting led by the HEUG Advisory Group members.

Community Discussions

Collaborative discussions that are led by a moderator to help drive the conversation in an informal setting and will not have any prepared presentation.


Hands-on sessions that allow attendees to test drive products. Attendees are required to bring their own computer. Seating capacity of 20 - first come, first serve.

Stop & Share

Impromptu, roundtable discussions with topics that are initiated and scheduled onsite. Submissions will only be taken on-site this year.