Developing Agenda

The Alliance 2022 program has been carefully curated and planned to ensure the best attendee experience. Both innovative and relevant, attendees are sure to find many valuable sessions to attend. This year we are proud to announce a new program called Pathways. Sessions are specifically selected for each Pathway to provide attendees with a unique learning and networking journey at Alliance. Continue to check back for more information as the agenda develops

Highlighted Presenters

Our commitment to quality content...

For our sessions, we invite HEUG member experts in Finance, HCM, Student Systems, CRM, Technical (and more!) with years of experience on all things Higher Education. They aren’t just experts, but also experienced professionals and speakers.

Session Preview

Mark Stramaglia

Session 8511

Workday HR Person Search/Match Interface with PeopleSoft CS

Track: Technical & Reporting

Primary Presenter: Mark Stramaglia - MiraCosta College, Senior Enterprise Applications Developer

Jamie Polizzi

Session 8507

Activity Guide Composer and Questionnaire Framework

Track: Student Information System (SIS)

Primary Presenter: Jamie Polizzi - University of Texas at Dallas, Information Systems Analyst

Chris Pokorny

Session 8510

Become a Connected Query & BI Publisher Expert in a Flash

Track: Technical & Reporting

Primary Presenter: Christopher Pokorny - Cleveland State University, Manager, IT Services

Jim Marion

Session 8516

Getting the most out of PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Tips and Techniques

Track: Exhibitor

Primary Presenter: Jim Marion - JSMPros, Principal Instructor, Co-founder


Pathways NEW!

What is an Alliance Pathway?

Pathways are a set selection of member presented sessions that guide an attendee through a progression of information based on the interest areas they select. Take part in some or all of the sessions. The choice is yours! Below are the five pathways that you can follow this year.

 Back to Basics

New to Alliance or just looking for a refresher on some of that basic functionality? The Back to Basics pathway focuses on the fundamentals for new and seasoned users alike.

 Life Hacks

Everyone wants to know the latest tip, trick, or shortcut. The Life Hacks pathway provides just that. Learn the latest techniques for making your job easier.


Focused on professional development and leadership, the Visionary pathway provides sessions that expand attendees’ “soft skills.”

 Data Management

Focusing on the importance of Data Governance, as well as Data Integration, including the relationship between these two important concepts, participants who embark on this journey will leave Alliance prepared to lead their institutions in effective sharing and use of data, as well as understanding how to best share the data across needs.

 Decision Making

Many institutions are facing big decisions in terms of technology and the future of their enterprise management systems. The Decision Making pathway provides a variety of sessions to aid in the decision making process.

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Additional Agenda Items

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  • Meet the Experts
  • General Membership Voting Info