Alliance Program Taskforce

The Alliance Program Taskforce is a group of HEUG volunteers with diverse experience within the industry.  The taskforce has been selected to support the Conference Team with planning, executing, evaluating and analyzing strategies to solicit Alliance session proposals, communications with Advisory Groups with hot topics and recommendations for Alliance sessions.

Cheri McEntee Syracuse University Alliance Conference Chair
Renee Riley University of Missouri System Alliance Program Chair
Buddy Combs Kentucky Comm. & Tech. College Sys Vice President of Product
Brad Carlson University of Minnesota Alliance Conference Assistant
Jason Koziara DePaul University Alliance Past Chair
Allison Lengyen The College of New Jersey Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Annette Linders Maricopa Community College District Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Colette Gillespie University of Kansas Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Danny Ramirez Florida International University Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Juergen Stegmair Texas Woman's University Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Lindsey Konerza University of Minnesota Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Lorne Henne DePaul University Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Matt Hansen University of Missouri System Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Mikki Hall University of Florida Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Rina Kumar The Pennsylvania State University Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Ron Lujan Southern Methodist University Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Tina Gonzales Boise State University Taskforce Member/Reviewer
Carolien ten Oever University of Amsterdam Global Council Liaison