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The Alliance Conference is...

The premier annual member-driven conference with users from around the world. Alliance's expanded vendor inclusion makes this is the place for higher education and public sector professionals to share knowledge, collaborate and become inspired regardless of product or platform.

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Join us in March 2022 as we celebrate our 25th year in-person!

It will be three days dedicated to education and networking. Alliance will provide you with superb content from our many member institutions and partners with a selection of over 300 sessions you have come to expect from this world-class event. Increased vendor inclusion will give you even more opportunity to learn about and compare options for your institution.

We are proud to offer continuing professional education (CPE) credits for our members as well as focused expansion on topics. We will also continue to offer in-depth workshops prior to the official conference. The Solution Center will return to Alliance providing attendees with the ability to engage with multiple vendors, experience product demos first-hand, and discuss various service offerings. We are thrilled to introduce Pathways for Alliance 2022. Pathways will guide attendees through areas of focused interest such as decision making, integrations, or back to basics. The sessions for each Pathway will be specially chosen to ensure attendees get the most out of their Alliance experience.

Just as the world has changed Alliance has to evolve and will continue to evolve to meet our member's needs. We hope to see you in 2022 where you will find there is no place like HEUG.

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