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Presenter Training

Be presentation day ready! Download our Virtual Background.

Practice Session

Practice makes perfect! Submit your Live Poll Questions by May 1st.

Tips & Tricks

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Session Files

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Presenter Policies

Your presenter role is important. Are you a Sponsor Presenter?

Track Chairs

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Presenter Training Recording

Whether you are new to presenting virtually or have presented many sessions online, we ask that you watch the Virtual Presenter Training recording. We covered the timeline, virtual platform, session logistics, and answered many burning questions to prepare you for your virtual session.  If you are listed as a virtual presenter, be sure to check out this important session.


Presenter Practice Session

Put yourself at ease before your presentation and schedule a practice session to test out your computer equipment and the presentation tools.  Things to keep in mind to prepare for your session: headset for audio quality, internet connection, lighting, background setting, potential background noise, and attire.  Take the time to prepare yourself and knock your presentation out of the park (or house)!

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Virtual Background

Download our Alliance Virtual 2020 Conference virtual background. It's clean, simple and easy to use!

  1. Download the virtual background.
  2. Save it to your desktop or a place you'll remember.
  3. When you log into your virtual portal, select the "^" icon next to the "Start Video" icon on the left-hand corner.
  4. Select "Choose Virtual Background" and upload the image.
  5. You're all set! Happy presenting!

Need additional help? Checkout this video.

Live Poll Questions

During your virtual presentation, you have the opportunity to ask live poll questions to your session attendees.  If you are interested in asking a live poll question, please submit the poll details below.  Be sure to give us the question, selection type (single or multiple choice), and the answer possibilities.  Submissions are due by Friday, May 1.


Tips & Tricks

Whether this is your first or hundredth virtual presentation, we want to help set you up for success! Below are a few quick articles to give you some helpful tips on how to present virtually in an engaging way.


Upload Session Files

All presenters are asked to prepare a visual presentation using Microsoft's PowerPoint or a different medium so that session materials can be made available to the attendees via the conference website. Having a copy of the PowerPoint or handouts to take notes is extremely helpful for attendees. Presenters should upload the most current version of the presentation prior to the conference and upload any updates after the conference while the topic is fresh for everyone.


To upload your presentation:

  1. Go to My Profile.
  2. Click on "My Presentations" on the right hand side of the screen under 'Options'.
  3. Find and click on the presentation you need to upload the file(s).
  4. Click the Files iconicon on the left, and upload each of your files.

NOTE: If you have any problems uploading files, please forward your files with the conference name, session number, and title to so they can be added into the system on your behalf.

Read Presenter Polices


Track Chair Contact List


Sponsor Presenters

  • All sponsors should refer to the Sponsor Information Page for session information. Sponsors may be co-presenters only if they are also registered for the Alliance Virtual Conference. No exceptions will be made. If you are not sure about the status of one of your co-presenters, please email us at for clarification.