Pre-Conference Workshops

A number of workshops will be offered on Wednesday, April 1 from 12:00 PM to 3:15 PM. Registration for these requires an additional fee of $175.00 per workshop (Regular Rate). A boxed lunch will be included. All workshop payments must be paid no later than February 7, 2020, or registration is subject to cancellation. Each workshop has a minimum participation level; and if this is not met by February 7, 2020, then the workshop may be canceled and monies paid refunded. If registering after February 28, 2020, the Late/Onsite rate will be $225 and boxed lunch is not guaranteed. Please see the list of the Wednesday Workshops being offered below.

It’s all Greek to me! Becoming fluent in BI Publisher.
Track Technical & Reporting
Speaker Anna Kourouniotis, MA, Duke University
Speaker Dede Young, Northern Illinois University

Learning a new tool is a lot like learning a language. It might be challenging at first to recall the vocabulary or syntax. You may lose motivation early on because it feels like trying to climb a mountain. You may perhaps lack the resources to excel. In this workshop you will learn to create a simple report in BI Publisher using XML (Extensible Markup Language) data that was created from a PS Query. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to speak basic BI!

Equation Engine- Learn how to use it for more than just FA
Track Student Records
Speaker William Culey, Washington State University

At Washington State University, we have started to leverage the potential of Equation Engines across multiple modules. Learn about how to use Equation Engine and its components. Dive into Equation SQL Routines and how query manager helps as well as the Equation editor which is where you write the equation. WSU will show you how we use it for mass data updates, transcripts loading, create grading rosters, and calculating class price including material costs each term.

The workshop will start with learning to use the Equation SQL and how query manager can help. It will also discuss using SQL statements. Second, the presentation will then go on and show the use of Equation Engine, how to create prompts, call SQL, and even call other equations. It will dive into the different Keywords and Operand types that can be used. The third part will be to demonstrate what WSU has built and then moving on to building an equation engine and running it. Lastly, WSU will allow time for troubleshooting attendee's problems or questions about Equation Engine.

Automate Payment Application from 3rd party Cash system and streamline the Integrations within ERP
Track Finance
Speaker Vicky Nguyen, University of Texas System
Speaker Mohit Dolia, University of Texas at Arlington
Speaker Ranga Kanumuri, University of Texas System
Description Automate the Payment Application Processes from 3rd party Cash system including Payments for Invoices and AR Direct journals.
The whole process provides the preliminary interface of Peoplesoft to 3rd party system with the AR Inquiry and General Ledger validation and a custom process to load the feed into Peoplesoft - Deposit page with customer/Invoice details, check the flag for Payment Predictor and Directly Journal correspondingly. It also loads GL Accounting Information to Direct Journal Page, generate cash line, and Budget Check.
If there are projects related (e,g scenario of refunds of expenditures), it also populates proper analysis types and then integrates to Project Costing and Billing. Combining with batch jobs of AR Update and Journal Generator, it will be an end to end streamlining process. There are reports/queries available to users for validation purposes

Is Your Printer Friendly AAR Not Really Friendly? Fix the .pdf Version Without a Developer!
Track Academic Advisement
Speaker Larry Hill, Indiana University

This session covers procedures that a functional person with a small amount of technical skills can produce a high quality .pdf version of the Academic Advisement Report (AAR)…actually more than one version. You will learn how to create simple graphics and charts, use it as a financial aid report, have different versions that display with each AAR type you have, create sub-reports that can be pulled in by using sub-templates. This session has items that are very easily completed in just a few minutes and more advanced topics for the advanced user. You can even bring your laptop and "play along" if you wish.

Fluid 8.57 – Getting Used to the New Fluid Navigation
Track Innovations/New Technology
Speaker Penny Smith, GP Strategies Corporation

Hands-On Session 3 HR
In this interactive hands-on session, attendees be given an electronic copy of the presentation and activities, so they will need to bring their laptops and be able to access the program’s remote desktop connection on their own machines.
So, you have been told your moving to the Fluid UI – but what does that mean for your end-user experience? Would you like to test a working image where you learn to create and publish homepages, create fluid dashboards, and work with the tile wizard? We will also feature page and field configuration and new drop zone features.
Come to a session where you will gain hands-on experience working on activities and get the chance to help with the fluid user adoption experience at your client site.


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