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Traditional software has typically been on premise, where it has been installed, used, and maintained locally and under control of, the customer. Increasingly, Oracle and other vendors are focusing on developing cloud-based applications, where programs and data are stored offsite and access to the application occurs remotely, via the web. There are many factors which may go into the decision to move to cloud-based software, including cost, security, compliance, the end-user experience, and the need to customize vs. configure. In this track, you will hear from Oracle and other vendors highlighting their Cloud-based software offerings as well as reports from institutional members who have decided to move forward with cloud-based software solutions.

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A Few of Our Sessions

Oracle Student Management Cloud. We did it!

Leslie Gardner
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Student Cloud Administrator for Division of Continuing Studies

In early 2020, University of Wisconsin-Madison went live with Oracle Student Management Cloud with our first Non Credit pilot program. We will discuss how we got there, give you a demo of the system and discuss some of our gotchas and workarounds.

Butler University’s Student Financial Planning Implementation

Jami M Kong
Butler University
Senior Information Systems Analyst/Team Lead

Butler University will discuss our Student Financial Planning (SFP) implementation. We’ll give some insight into our journey as an Early Adopter and integrating with Campus Solutions.

The Cloud will disrupt our roles, now is the time to thrive.

Lindsey Konerza
University of Minnesota
Financial Aid Business Analyst

Now is the time to take a proactive approach at understanding how transitioning to the Cloud will fundamentally change how we as individuals do business. Listen and dialogue with a panel of people "who've been there, done that."

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