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The Student Financials module in PeopleSoft encompasses university Bursar functionality, and is responsible for maintaining the student account. The product administers Tuition, Charges and Payments, Billing, Cashiering, Refunding, Collections, Payment Plans, Third Party Payments, Student Taxes and General Ledger Feed. Via self service, students can view their accounts, make payments and conduct all of their Bursar business.

The Student Financials track at Alliance Conference is a vibrant community of bursar, financial and technical professionals. The track features robust presentations on the setup and use of all aspects of the SF functionality. Topics that have been presented at recent conferences include Demystifying Tuition Calculation, The SF-Student Records Connection, Using Population Selection, Payment Applier, Archiving, and Oracle presentations on new SF features. The track also offers a Community Session and two “Birds of a Feather” sessions to facilitate networking and provide an opportunity to share solutions to common challenges.

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A Few of Our Sessions

Resolving Tuition Calculation Errors

Myrna Fitzpatrick
Senior Support Analyst

This session will include a high level review of the various stages of tuition calculation. Error messages received at these stages will be discussed and how to best find the root cause of the error. Covered will be how to best loop through a COBOL trace of the failed tuition calculation process to identify where the issue is occurring. Identifying some common array overflow issues that do not result in an error but incorrect results will also be covered at a high level.

Choosing Wisely: Leveraging Equations & Criteria for Term Fees

Sarah Hoegger
University of Minnesota
Business Analyst

The University of Minnesota's approach for building tuition select equations streamlined the tuition and fee setup process and allows for non-experts to maintain the data. In brief, this session will explain how to use criteria to store parameters, make re-usable SQL statements, and create equations that require minimal maintenance.

Lessons Learned in 9.2 and Fluid Navigation Tile Creation

Andrew Fields
University of Minnesota
Business Analyst 2

In this session, we will have 4 panelists who have upgraded to Campus Solutions 9.2 and have also created Fluid Navigation tiles. There will be discussion on the project plan, both from a technical and functional perspective. We will discuss communications strategies, both internally and with the campus. Each panelist will discuss the challenges and limitations that each of their teams faced.

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