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The Academic Advisement Community and Track brings novice and expert product administrators and users together in an environment that allows for the mutual sharing of helpful information. Submitted presentations include basic and more advanced “how to” information related to the Oracle/PeopleSoft Academic Advisement Report and other delivered functionality that supports the advisement process; institution specific modifications that tailor the delivered product for individual and institution preferences; and bolt-on functionality that expands the software’s usefulness for advisement practitioners beyond what is delivered.

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A Few of Our Sessions

Finding the Gold”: How we Used Degree/Data Mining in to unlock hidden student outcomes and graduation status

Joe Carrasco
Los Rios Community College District
Director, Systems & Programming

Academic Advisement module is much more than a degree checkout tool – hidden inside all those thousands of rows of data are high value information and answers. Find out how we used a Bolt-On inside PeopleSoft to highly automate real questions such as: • Which students may have actually completed degrees or certificates they did not apply for? • Which students may be close to completing credentials

Academic Requirements 201

Dede Young
Northern Illinois University
Assistant Manager, Operations Support

This session will provide a deeper look at academic requirements. Creating and using a special requirement usage, course lists, entity groups, dynamic conditions, student groups in advising, tests in advising, derived course lists, course attributes, etc., will be detailed and brought to fruition in an academic requirement and academic requirement group, viewing the final product in a special Advising Report.

Expanded Conditions: How to Use Entity Groups and Dynamic Conditions in AAR SetuThe Sword in the Milestone: Mastering Milestones in the AAR

Oscar Finn Secrist
University of Puget Sound
Assistant Registrar for Academic Records Evaluation

Have you ever wondered about the best uses for milestones in the AAR? This session will discuss various ways to utilize the milestones tool to help you effectively track graduation requirements.

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