Technical Track

About This Track

Oracle’s suite of applications deliver a rich set of tools and abilities, and the Technical and Reporting Track is where you’ll learn from Oracle and other institutions how to effectively leverage the delivered toolset(s) at your institution. Come hear about new functionality, Oracle’s strategic direction, and how others have solved challenges similar to yours. Whether you are just beginning or an advanced user, you are sure to find something useful in the Technical and Reporting Track.

The Technical and Reporting Track consists of three Sub-Tracks covering focused areas of interest:

Technical Track

In the Technical Track, we offer sessions for all skills levels on a variety of topics largely focused around Oracle's PeopleSoft and Cloud application technology, including platforms, image applications, deployment packages, integrations and more.


A Few of Our Sessions

Coming soon! Full Agenda will be released in -2 days on December 12, 2018.

The Ultimate Oracle Security Presentation on Audits

Kamyar Marashi
University of California, Berkeley
Peoplesoft/Oracle Security Admin

Don't be caught off-guard with your valuable institutions data. In this ultimate presentation we will go into what it takes to create a viable audit trail in your Oracle System. We will build triggers, automated reports, change management on users who are inactive or changed jobs, strengthen log-in times as well as demonstrate the use of PeopleCode sign-in based on Enterprise Data!

Day to day IT Security essentials

John Nagler
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Cybersecurity Analyst

Essential security solutions for all IT users. A panel discussion about practical day to day solutions to significantly increase an end users security practices.

A Security Approach to PUMs

Matt Lemme
University of Colorado
PeopleSoft Security Admin

Learn how CU PS Security Admins leverage the Security Deployment Tool, compare reports, system audit (SYSAUDIT) reports, and functional requirements to conduct a comprehensive analysis of security changes introduced by PUMs and PeopleTools upgrades.

Our Complete Agenda

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Reporting & Business Intelligence Track

The Reporting and Business Intelligence Track covers all things related to data and reporting, including improving the design and quality of data derived from Oracle/PeopleSoft and related sources, tools & techniques for telling effective data stories and delivering relevant insights, and insight into issues and recommendations about the evolving role of data and reporting.


A Few of Our Sessions

Coming soon! Full Agenda will be released in -37 days on November 7th, 2018.