Project and Change Management Track

About This Track

The Project and Change Management (PCM) track focuses on a variety of topics related to project management, change management, training, and end-user support. Presentations in this track will be of value to individuals responsible for conveying technical information on Oracle applications to non-technical audiences.

Sessions and expert panels address issues such as the people and process components of project management, techniques to lead organizational change, adult-learner theory, training tools and techniques. The broad range of topics may include aspects of project justification, governance, requirements, and specifications, as well as development and testing, communication, resource management, and training documentation.

Track presenters come from a diverse international group of higher education (colleges, universities, and community colleges) and public sector/governmental entities.

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A Few of Our Sessions

The Hidden Magic – Accessibility in the Trainer’s Toolbox

Liz Medvetz
University at Albany
IT Training Strategist/Instructor

With globalization and diversity so prevalent on our campuses today, it is ever more important to be able to teach all of our learners in our trainings. Much effort is devoted to accessible websites, but what happens when you have someone with a disability or someone whose native language is not the language that you speak? As the trainer, are you prepared? Are your training materials accessible?

Keys to Success - A Strong Governance Process and Structure

David Nisbet
University System of Georgia
Exectuive Director of Administrative Applications

One key to success for any implementation of a new system or an upgrade of an existing application is to define a strong governance process and structure. This presentation will use the governance process that has been put in place at the University System of Georgia for any implementation or upgrade of any of its applications.

Everyone’s a project manager (and everything’s a project)

Michael Chambers
Boise State University
Project Manager

Project management concepts can help everyone in any role. Analyze, estimate, organize -- get things done! For non-Project Managers.

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