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The Financial Aid track pertains to the Campus Solutions module that assists schools in awarding students with scholarships, grants, bursaries, waivers, fellowships, hardship funds, honors and prizes, loans, stipends and student work. General functionality includes on-line and batch award packaging; repackaging awards when there have been changes; tracking award aggregate totals; sending communications to students; assigning tasks to the student for follow-up; providing student self-service; scheduling disbursements; and monitoring eligibility at disbursement.

Functionality is delivered for country specific awarding including:

U. S. specific functionality assists with importing and loading ISIRs; monitoring verification; specifying cost of attendance; originating federal grants and loans; monitoring Satisfactory Academic Progress; and calculating Return of Title IV Funds.

U.K. specific functionality assists with the Student Loans Company processing including the SSAR import, SSAC export, ACR import and export, processing remittance files and HEBBS.

Canadian specific functionality assists with Canadian Needs Analysis and financial aid verification. The system allows loading of data from the provincial Student Support Branch which governs the Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP). The Student Support Branch holds official eligibility data for the Canadian Student Loans Program (CSLP), Ontario Student Loans (OSL), various Canada Study Grants, various Ontario Access Grants, and the Ontario Tuition Grant.

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A Few of Our Sessions

Enhanced Pop Update in 9.2 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Vic Goldberg
University of Colorado
Associate Director, Information Technology & Operations

Take advantage of the new capabilities in Pop Update in 9.2 starting with Pum 8. Now you can update a field (for certain records) to a dynamic value. But caution is needed - you can change values you don't intend to, even in existing queries, and it sometimes isn't as easy to set a value as you might think.

9.Whew! -> 9.2 Upgrade Discussion

Kristen McRoberts
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Associate Director of System - Office of Student Financial Aid

In this session, the panel will share their experiences with upgrading to Campus Solutions 9.2, which includes describing their project approach, considerations, testing approach, as well as lessons learned. Furthermore, the panel will answer questions in an open dialogue forum from users in the audience.

Financial Aid Activity Guides

Karen Kilps
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Information Systems Application Development Specialist

This presentation will give an overview of a Financial Aid related activity guide. It will go through design and setup of the activity guide, maintenance of statuses using equation engine, and using notification framework. Two examples are discussed, one to remind the student to file their FAFSA, the other to manage E-Consent.

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