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The Campus Community presentations focus on managing people and their personal data including prospects, applicants, students, alumni, parents/guardians or staff. This covers everything from registering new individuals on the system, checking for duplicates, identifying and communicating effectively with either a single person or large cohorts, managing affiliations with the institution, and the integration of personal data and business processes after the CS/HR database split. The track encourages presentations suitable for a range of experience levels from novice to advanced users, and also welcomes SEVIS related topics.

Campus Community and personal data are central to many processes across all Campus Solutions modules. The functionality covered includes Personal Information Management and Integration, Self-Service, Delegated Access, Search/Match and Duplicate ID Detection/Resolution, 3Cs and Communication Generation, Affiliations, Constituent Transaction Management, Evaluation Management, SEVIS, and much more.

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A Few of Our Sessions

Implementing and Staying Fluid in Campus Solutions

Jami Kong
Butler University
Senior Information Systems Analyst/Team Lead

Butler University will discuss our Fluid implementation, design approach, tools and tips, challenges and wins and the portal replacement that came out of our PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade and Fluid implementation in June 2017. Learn more about how we continue to evaluate and adopt Fluid features with each PUM image since our upgrade.

Communication, Collaboration, and Change Management: the new 3C's of Project Management

Michael Lee
California State University Los Angeles
Director, Enterprise Applications

Changes are abound, and as CS evolves, managing competing projects and expectations is ever more difficult. Attend this session and learn more about how to incorporate communication, collaboration, and change management to improve your project management skills

Common Attribute Framework: From the basics to advanced

Stephen Brawn
Northwestern University
Senior Developer

This presentation will overview the delivered Common Attribute Framework (CAF) functionality and discuss how to use CAF to limit customizations to PeopleSoft components/pages.

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