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The Academic Advisement Community and Track brings novice and expert product administrators and users together in an environment that allows for the mutual sharing of helpful information. Submitted presentations include basic and more advanced “how to” information related to the Oracle/PeopleSoft Academic Advisement Report and other delivered functionality that supports the advisement process; institution specific modifications that tailor the delivered product for individual and institution preferences; and bolt-on functionality that expands the software’s usefulness for advisement practitioners beyond what is delivered.

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A Few of Our Sessions

"The Most Magical PDF on Earth" - Customizing the Degree Audit PDF

Mario Patterson
Florida International University
Applications Business Analyst

The existing vanilla printable Degree Audit Report PDF had always left a lot to be desired. With the implementation of customizations to the Interactive Degree Audit we needed more than ever to apply similar visual changes to the PDF. Our goals were to make it easier to read, shorter, and mimic the interactive degree audit.

Academic Advisement Reports that are not Degree Audits

Larry Hill
Indiana University
Lead Analyst --- Academic Advising

It takes a little more than a magical incantation from a fairy godmother, but you too can create Academic Advisement Reports (AARs) that are not just degree audits. This presentation illustrates several uses for he AAR other than just a degree audit. So forget that “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” stuff and learn how to do it yourself.

Expanded Conditions: How to Use Entity Groups and Dynamic Conditions in AAR Setup

Ethan Belcher
Rochester Institute of Technology
Assistant Registrar

This session will demonstrate that entity groups and dynamic conditions are powerful tools in constructing academic advisement reports (AARs). Attendees will learn how to create entity groups and dynamic conditions and when to incorporate them into the AAR. Finally, we will discuss how to use these tools to control which requirements appear on the AAR.

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