Track Chairs

Jason Koziara
DePaul University Alliance 2019 Program Chair Email
Cathy Thompson
University of Florida Alliance 2019 Conference Chair Email
Cheri McEntee
Syracuse University Alliance 2019 Conference Assistant & Innovations/New Technology Track Chair Email
Jane Baratta
Western University Alliance Past Conference Chair Email
Carol Valora
Higher Education User Group HEUG Meeting Manager Email
Erica Allen
Higher Education User Group HEUG, Director of Events and Meetings Email
Tiffany Wendt
Texas Christian University Academic Advisement Track Email
Nancy Umphres
California State University Chancellor's Office Academic Advisement Assistant Track Chair Email
Adam Stout
Marquette University Admissions Track Chair Email
Jennifer de Roaldes
University of Calgary Admissions Assistant Track Chair Email
Kee Chang
California State University Los Angeles Campus Community Track Chair Email
Kirsty McConn-Palfreyman
University of Glasgow Campus Community Assistant Track Chair Email
Stu Churchill-Hoyer
University of Wisconsin - Madison Cloud Track Chair Email
Ron Babuka
Cornell University CXA Track Chair Email
Lorne Henne
DePaul University CXA Assistant Track Chair Email
Welby Lai
California Institute of Technology EBS Track Chair Email
Kathleen Campbell
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University EBS Assistant Track Chair Email
Dana Pawlowicz
University of Cincinnati Financial Aid Track Chair Email
Doneen Dawirs
California State University Chancellor's Office Financial Aid Assistant Track Chair Email
Karla Dowd
University of Missouri System Financials Track Chair Email
Lisa Bass
University of Minnesota FIN: Procurement to Pay Assistant Track Chair Email
Benjamin Biltz
University of Wisconsin System FIN: Grants, Contracts and Billing Assistant Track Chair Email
Scott Stuart
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center FIN: General Ledger Assistant Track Chair Email
Rich Arnold
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill HCM Track Chair Email
Renee V. Riley
University of Missouri System HCM Assistant Track Chair Email
Stacy Mitchell
Case Western Reserve University Project and Change Management Track Chair Email
Lauren Shield
University of Newcastle Project and Change Management Assistant Track Chair Email
Melissa Wiseman
State of Tennessee Public Sector Track Chair Email
Kimberly Trout
Ohio University Student Financials Track Chair Email
Laura Stevens
State University of New York Student Financials Assistant Track Chair Email
Angie Byrd
Northern Illinois University Student Records Track Chair Email
Shayne Simpson
University of The Sunshine Coast Student Records Assistant Track Chair Email
Brad Carlson
University of Minnesota Technical Track Chair Email
Ingrid Nuttall
University of Minnesota TECH: RBI Assistant Track Chair Email
Maria Lindquist
University of Wisconsin System TECH: Security Assistant Track Chair Email
Natalie Maines
Duke University Stop and Share Chair Email
Sandy Blackwell
State of Tennessee CPE Coordinator Email
Jennifer Stokes
Clarkson University Stop and Share Co-Chair Email

If you have specific questions about a track, please contact the most appropriate track chair.
For general questions contact the Program Chair, Jason Koziara.