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Alliance 2020 Student Records Session Topics Survey Results


To get our creative juices flowing, we conducted a survey a few weeks ago to learn what our community wants to see in Philadelphia.

As a community we have a great mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced users who want to see how other institutions are using delivered functionality at all levels of expertise.

Fluid, Enrollment Requirements (pre/co requisites) and Student Self Service all tied for the most interest followed closely by Paper to Electronic Processing (automation), PERC (Post Enrollment Checking) and Student Program Plan topics along with many other topics of interest.

Please dig into your knowledge vault and help us serve our community needs. Submissions close October 2, 2019.

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 Topics: Ordered Highest to Lowest (top three are tied)

• Fluid
• Enrollment Requirements (pre/co-requisites)
• Student Self Service
• Paper to Electronic processing (automation)
• PERC (Post Enrollment Checking)
• Student Program Plan
• Transfer Credit
• Dynamic Dating
• Faculty Self Service
• Milestones
• Scheduling
• Grades
• Student Life Cycle
• Transcripts
• Program Enrollment
• Research Management


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