"Whiz Wit", "Water Ice" and "Tastykake"

These are sayings individuals from Philly can relate to. They have another “This is our Year” this is in reference to their sports teams however for me “This is our Year” for Alliance 2020! I have the honor of participating as part of the Alliance 2020 Conference Team and in a few weeks we will be on site in Philadelphia, PA for our first full team planning meeting. While on site I will tweet a few post to get the excitement going without giving too much away prior to your arrival. Our Conference Chair, Jason Koziara, sent you the SAVE THE DATE FOR ALLIANCE 2020 notice last week with our logo, did this bring back any past memories for you? Brought back several nostalgic ones for me, more on those images later. If so, I would love to hear from you, please feel free to post your comments on the blog below.

Alliance Header

You as members continue to play an integrated and important role in making the conference a success. Over the coming months and weeks, the Advisory Groups and the Conference Planning Team will be reaching out to you as members to help provide the content that makes Alliance so valuable! Be on the lookout for the Call for Presentation Proposal notice. What is your focus for the future ERP, have you solved a new regulation or a local business process that could help other members; these are just a few topics that provide value to members attending Alliance 2020.

Your active participation provides a wealth of knowledge that is only found within the Higher Ed Community. The Alliance Conference focuses on you as a member; your participation on the community discussion forums provides the Conference Planning Team and your Advisory Group representative’s invaluable information. We continue looking for your feedback and, most importantly, your expertise by participating and presenting during Alliance 2020.

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