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3C Communications is not just for the students

Session Number: 10882
Track: Student Information System (SIS)
Sub-Categorization: Student Records
Session Type: Presentation
Primary Presenter: Kae Bauder [Business Analyst - Daytona State College]
Co-Presenter: Jessica Ewald [PeopleSoft consultant - ERPA]
Time: Mar 05, 2024 (03:30 PM - 04:30 PM)
Room: North 132 AB

Focus Area: Innovative Teaching and Learning Management
Session Length: Regular Length (60 min)
Cross Listed Areas: trk-1736
ERP Systems: Oracle
Knowledge Level : Basic
Field of Study: N/A

Description:  Personalize the emails your department chairs and instructors receive with the delivered 3C communications. Come see how Daytona State College has consolidated and improved their communications.

This session will walk through the required data structure and 3C configuration of our communications to department chairs, instructors, and advisors.

The data structures that will be discussed include:
-Academic Organizations
-Academic Plan Table
-Instructor/Advisor Table
-Potential Use of CAF fields
-Address usage

The session will also cover the 3C configuration that allowed us to merge multiple emails into one include:
-Multiple Queries in a Data Source
-Conditional Region in RTF
-Tables in RTF
-Use of Sub-Templates (Content Library)

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