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Innovation is possible with delivered functionality

Session Number: 10886
Track: Exhibitor
Sub-Categorization: Student Information System (SIS)
Session Type: Presentation
Primary Presenter: Jessica Ewald [PeopleSoft consultant - ERPA]
Co-Presenter: Robbie de Leur, Ed.D [Assoc Vice Pres - ERPA]
Time: Mar 04, 2024 (03:30 PM - 04:30 PM)
Room: North 222 A

Focus Area: Student Technology Portfolio
Session Length: Regular Length (60 min)
Cross Listed Areas: None
ERP Systems: Oracle
Knowledge Level : Basic
Field of Study: Select a Value

Description:  Over the years Campus Solutions has provided additional functionality through patches and PUMS yet many institutions have not been able to implement due to lack of security, knowledge, or time. Some institutions couldn’t wait on Oracle and were forced to create their own customizations to meet their needs. Many institutions have been in Campus Solutions so long, that they have outgrown their initial configuration and business processes. At ERPA with our Art of the Possible service, we walk through the system WITH the users to identify where innovation and efficiency is possible so that the institution can thrive in their ERP investment. Art of the Possible is more than a ‘health-check’ and is not a boring fit/gap! During the presentation we will demonstrate some of the interactive session work we do with clients using the course catalog as our area of focus (including the touchpoints to Financial Aid and Student Financials). At the end of the presentation, attendees will not only have a better understanding of some aspects of the course catalog but also a taste of what ERPA does with Art of the Possible. Some of our past clients had this to say about our sessions:

“I have to say that was the most fun I have had in a while! To actually learn that there is delivered functionality and options unknown to us. Nobody has had a thorough understanding of any of this since …. I always felt like we were stuck in the past and nothing got better when we made the leap to 9.2”

“(during the sessions)
1. You provided many thought provoking questions
2. You gave us many ideas to make our process more efficient
3. You provided many functions within the system and how they all interconnect in our language, even the ones we do not use
The list could go on and on but those are the main things I could think of. After each of our sessions, many of us were energized to jump in and do something, rather than overwhelmed or discouraged about things.”

We at ERPA are looking forward to meeting you and opening your eyes to the Art of the Possible for your institution.

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