When the Wheels Fall Off – An ePAF Comedy in Four Parts

Session Number: 6803
Track: HCM
Session Type: Presentation
Tags: Automated Workflow Engine, ePAF, Gideon Taylor, HCM 9.2, Personnel Action forms, Public Sector
Primary Presenter: David Scarano [Enterprise Resource Planning Analyst - City of Tallahassee]
Co-Presenter: Paul Taylor [President, CEO - Gideon Taylor]
Time: Mar 31, 2020 (04:15 PM - 05:15 PM)
Room: 103A

Mobile Cross listed Track(s): Finance, HCM, Public Sector
Session Length: Regular Length (60 min)
Session Submission Type: Member Institution
Knowledge level : Overview
Target Audience: All
Learning Objective 1: How to Automate Personnel Actions within your PeopleSoft HCM system using the Gideon Taylor eForms bolt-on product.
Learning Objective 2: Learn how to reduce cycle time, improve overall efficiency and reduce errors with an electronic forms suite.
Learning Objective 3: Understanding the new strategy of implementing process improvements between P.U.M. updates as opposed to trying to sandwich in a project in between version upgrades.
Prerequisites : None
Advance preparation: No advance Preparation Required
Platform Type: Cloud
Product: PeopleSoft
Version Presenting: PS 9.2
Level of Customization: Bolt-On
Level of Partner Integration: Select a Value
Project Phase: Production
Project Go Live: Q3/Q4 2019
Your Training in this Area: Payroll For NA; PeopleTools I, II, Advanced Integration; Time & Labor; Workforce Administration; Entire HCM Suite; Gideon Taylor Functional and Technical Integration training.
Element(s) of Engagement: Group discussion, Instructor-posed question with time for participant reflection
CPE Approved Session: Yes

Description:  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream for more! For years, the City of Tallahassee had wanted to implement electronic personnel action forms. When the project finally got approved in the summer of 2017, we had a reasonable project scope and realistic timeline identified. What happened between July 2017 and October 2019 is the stuff of legends...

Join us as we walk through the prats and pitfalls of a project rocked by one challenge after another including migrating to a new PeopleSoft hosting partner, upgrading to 9.2, disappearing software code, limited staff availability, expanding scope, and competing priorities. We faced it all, and survived to tell about it! We’ll discuss how we managed internal challenges, navigated external events, and successfully delivered an ePAF solution that is transforming how we deliver HR services. We’ll also give you a peek at our new ePAF solution.