Case Study: Meet LUie, Loyola Chicago's digital assistant for students and advisors

Session Number: 6954
Track: Innovations/New Technology
Session Type: Presentation
Tags: AI, Chatbots, Digital Assistant
Primary Presenter: Jim Sibenaller [AVP, Information Technology Services - Loyola University of Chicago]
Co-Presenter: Andrew Bediz [President]
Time: Mar 30, 2020 (04:15 PM - 05:15 PM)
Room: 113A

Mobile Cross listed Track(s): Academic Advisement, Campus Community, Constituent Experience and Advancement (CX), Innovations/New Technology, Student Financials, Student Records
Session Length: Regular Length (60 min)
Session Submission Type: Member Institution
Knowledge level : Overview
Target Audience: All
Learning Objective 1: Understand how a digital assistant can help students and advisors 24/7 with better service and at a fraction of the cost of human-based service desks
Learning Objective 2: Learn about our experiences rolling out the technology to our users including what worked well and what didn't
Learning Objective 3: Learn how you can modernize for your PeopleSoft users without completely reimplementing a new SIS solution
Prerequisites : None
Advance preparation: No Advance Preparation Required
Platform Type: Cloud
Product: PeopleSoft
Other Product Type: Oracle Digital Assistant PaaS + IntraSee
Version Presenting: N/A
Level of Customization: None or N/A
Level of Partner Integration: Shared Institution/Partner
Project Phase: Production
Project Go Live: Q3/Q4 2019
Your Training in this Area: TBA
Element(s) of Engagement: Case studies
CPE Approved Session: No

Description:  Digital Assistants come with the promise of reducing expensive help desk interactions, but also can redefine the user experience your students and advisors have with your enterprise systems. Students today prefer messaging to all other interaction types, so Loyola embarked on a prototype to test out the technology with our users.

This session will not only demonstrate LUie, our digital assistant, but also cover how we went about the project with our partner, IntraSee, and the lessons we have learned so far. LUie can answer all sorts of questions, such as:
- What forms of payment does Loyola accept for tuition?
- I am having trouble paying my tuition balance. What can I do?
- What is my tuition balance?
- What's my GPA?
- What is my final exam schedule?
- Can you approve a student's course load?

...and much more! You won't want to miss this session.