Alliance 2018

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Unpacking the Degree Planner

Session Number: 5136
Track: Academic Advisement
Sub-Categorization: Advisement/Degree Progress Reports
Session Type: Presentation
Tags: Academic Advisement, advising, Analytics, degree planning, Degree Progress
Primary Presenter: Pheng Xiong [Associate Registrar for Systems & Registration - University of Maryland, Baltimore County]
Co-Presenter: Jennifer Volpe [Assistant Registrar for Graduation - University of Maryland, Baltimore County]
Co-Presenter 2: Arnold Foelster [University of Maryland, Baltimore County]

255 D => Wed, Mar 28, 2018 (09:15 AM - 10:15 AM)

Session Length - Primary Choice: Mini Session
Knowledge level : Basic
Target Audience: All
Learning Objective 1: Attendees will learn how we used existing PeopleSoft functionality and analytics to provide students with tools they need to be academically successful.
Learning Objective 2: Attendees recognize the importance of collaboration and how it can be used to overcome challenges.
Learning Objective 3: An opportunity to have a conversation and for attendees to provide us with feedback on what their institution have done around student planning.
Prerequisites : None
Advance preparation: No Advance Preparation Required
Product: PeopleSoft
Version Presenting: PS 9.0
Level of Customization: None or N/A
Level of Partner Integration: Institution Alone
Project Phase: Implementation
Project Go Live: Q2 2018
Your Training in this Area: Pheng Xiong - Previous and current experience in academic advisement module and current Associate Registrar for Systems Development
Jennifer Volpe - 8 years of experience in academic advisement module setup and current Assistant Registrar for Graduation
Arnold Foelster - Member of the original implementation team and Director of Academic and Student Affairs Enterprise Systems

Description:  As delivered the degree planner allows students to plan out their career by catalog or by program. However, in initial exploration of the planner, we found that there were limitations as to what students could do or see. We recognized that we couldn’t just flip the switch, so working with key stakeholders we created the following objectives for implementing the degree planner:

1. How can we present the planner to students in a way so that when students are planning, the information presented is as accurate as possible?

2. How can we leverage information from the analysis database to offer students and academic advisors a simple view of a student’s progress towards their degree?

3. How can we use planner data to estimate course demand?

4. How can we provide students with real-time academic planning alerts (i.e.: warn student on course difficulty based on past performance)?

5. How can we encourage students to take ownership and have engaging conversations with their academic advisor regarding their academic plan?

6. How can we introduce these new tools to the overall academic advising process to support academic advisors in their conversations with students?

These objectives guided our discussions and solutions. Through our discussions with key stakeholders, we packaged our academic advisement report to highlight percentage of completion towards degree. This required us to have a strong understanding of the analysis tables, so information can be interpreted in a simple student-friendly format. Our discussions also helped us explore and make changes to our academic advisement report setup to allow students to set a clear pathway towards degree completion.

UMBC created a personalized tool for students to better understand where they are in their progress towards degree. The presentation will outline our implementation process, the successful deployment of the degree progress pie chart, and where we are in the implementing the degree planner. Finally, we will outline our future plans for the planner, such as using predictive analytics to warn students in advance of unmet pre-requisites or course readiness based on past performance.

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