Enhancing and Extending PeopleSoft Deployment Packages

Session Number: 3700
Track: Technical
Sub-Categorization: System Administrator
Session Type: Member Institution
Tags: 8.55, DPK, PeopleTools, Puppet
Primary Presenter: Dan Iverson [City of Minneapolis]
Time: Feb 28, 2017 (09:45 AM - 10:45 AM)
Room: 307

Approved Session Length: Deep Dive
Learning Objective 1: Learn the details of how the DPK builds a server
Learning Objective 2: Learn how to use Puppet to enhance the DPK build process
Learning Objective 3: Learn how to integration custom Puppet modules with the DPK to standardize and customize server builds
Knowledge level : Advanced
Prerequisites : Experience with the DPK-based PeopleSoft Images.
Advance preparation: No Advanced Prep Required.
Product: PeopleSoft
Version Presenting: PS 9.2
Level of Customization: None or N/A
Level of Partner Integration: Institution Alone
Project Phase: Production
Project Go Live: Q3 2016
Target Audience: Technical
Your Training in this Area: Self taught

Description:  PeopleTools 8.55 and Deployment Packages give administrators the power quickly create new PeopleSoft environments. Because the DPK is based on Puppet, PeopleSoft Administrators can extend and enhance the DPK by leveraging Puppet to customize server builds. Enhancing the DPK will build environments that meets your needs and help you spend less time managing servers and domains. Using the DPK will give you consistent environment builds and improve stability. This presentation is for users who have used Deployment Packages with PeopleSoft Images but want to use the DPK to build their own systems.

More Information: http://psadmin.io/tags/dpk