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Multi-Vendor Implementation of Campus/ERP Solutions: Issues and Challenges

Session Number: 33522
Track: Project Management & Life Cycle
Sub-Categorization: Select A Value
Session Type: Case Study
Tags: E-Business Suite, E-Business Suite HCM, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions V9.0, Project Management
Primary Presenter: Paulo Noel Paje [Team Lead - University of the Philippines ]
Co-Presenter: Jaime Caro [Assistant Vice President for Development - University of the Philippines ]
Co-Presenter 2: Ariel Betan [Associate Professor, UP Manila and Team Lead, eUP HRIS - University of the Philippines ]
Co-Presenter 3: Rommel Feria [Assistant Professor. Team Leader, Network and Infrastructure - University of the Philippines ]

Room 106 => Mon, Mar 10, 2014 (01:45 PM - 02:45 PM)

Learning Objectives: 1. Learn the issues and challenges involved in the implementation of campus and ERP solutions (in the case of the implementation made by the University of the Philippines).
2. Understand the dynamics involved in multi-vendor implementation of campus and ERP solutions.
3. Learn how the requirements of UP's stakeholders (quality of service (QoS), interoperability, project schedule synchronization, technology standardization and customer satisfaction) were met to ensure overall project success.
Product: PeopleSoft
Version Presenting: PS 9.0
Level of Customization: Bolt-On
Level of Partner Integration: Shared Institution/Partner
Project Phase: Implementation
Project Go Live: Q4 2013
Target Audience: All
Audience Level: Beginner
Your Training in this Area: Project Management


In November 2012, the University of the Philippines (UP) has embarked on a multi-million project (called “eUP Project”) that launched various ICT initiatives that were designed to integrate, harmonize, and interoperate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems and infrastructure across its nine (9) constituent universities (CUs). The CUs are located in various parts of the Philippines.

One major component of the eUP Project calls for the acquisition, implementation and deployment of key information systems. These systems are expected to handle both the transactional and informational requirements of the University- student management, academic administration, finance, human resources management, procurement and assets management.

To realize the goals of the project, UP has engaged the services of several solution providers whose expertise vary across different areas- hardware, information systems (IS) and applications (PeopleSoft Campus Solution, HCM, eBusiness Suite R12), identity authentication, storage, hosting services, security, communications, network connectivity and change management. This environment presented a new set of dynamics not only for those who were directly involved in project management but to the entire team of project managers, implementers, process owners, partners and users.

This session will offer insights on how to manage the myriad of issues involved in the rollout of UP’s information technology solutions especially in the deployment of its core campus and ERP systems: PeopleSoft CS, HCM and eBusiness Suite. It will closely look into the dynamics of IS implementation where differences exist amongst the partners and solution providers of UP. Importantly, the session will tackle how the challenge of meeting the stakeholders’ requirements (i.e. quality of service (QoS), interoperability, project schedule synchronization, technology standardization and customer satisfaction) was addressed to deliver the project's commitments and ensure overall success of the eUP Project.

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