NSCC Launches Administer Training

Session Number: 31074
Track: HRMS
Sub-Categorization: Enterprise Learning Management
Session Type: Case Study
Tags: Administer Training, e-business, Employee Training
Primary Presenter: Lisa King [Functional Analyst - Nova Scotia Community College]
Co-Presenter: Michael Eastwood [Senior Specialist - Deloitte]
Time: Mar 19, 2013 (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
Room: 126

Learning Objectives from Session: To gain an understanding of how NSCC implemented Administer Training from start to finish; to learn from our mistakes; to share best practices; and to disseminate tips & tricks. This may help other organizations as they learn about and prepare to implement the Administer Training module.
Product: PeopleSoft
Version Presenting: PS 9.0
Level of Customization: Customization
Level of Partner Integration: Institution Alone
Project Phase: Implementation
Project Go Live: Q1 2012
Target Audience: Functional
Audience Level: General
Your Training in this Area: a. Lisa: self-taught Administer Training; several years experience and courses in Project Management
b. Michael: OPN course recording: PS HRMS 8.8 Training Administration

Description:  The goals for the project included: moving away from multiple sources of tracking to one repository in the Administer Training Module; defining consistent business practices for managing training courses and programs; linking training information to employee job information; tracking course costs; minimizing or reducing data entry through a custom interface from Campus Solutions as well as batch uploads with the Excel to CI tool; enhancing the reporting capabilities through some tweaks to existing reports; building a custom Employee Record of Learning; and converting seven years’ worth of previous learning records. This presentation will also cover the topics of: coordinating and rolling out Administer Training for three departments with sometimes very different goals; lessons learned; an assessment of future requirements; and next steps (e.g., Employee Record of Learning accessible via self-service). Join us as we walk you through our journey of launching Administer Training.