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Academic Advisement

The Academic Advisement Community and Track brings novice and expert product administrators and users together in an environment that allows for the mutual sharing of helpful information.  Submitted workshops and presentations include basic and more advanced “how to” information related to the Oracle/PeopleSoft Academic Advisement Report and other delivered functionality that supports the advisement process; institution specific modifications that tailor the delivered product for individual and institution preferences; and bolt-on functionality that expands the software’s usefulness for advisement practitioners beyond what is delivered.



A student’s relationship with your institution can start with the Admissions track! Admissions plays a key role in getting students in the door - beginning with the recruitment of prospects and on to an offer of admission being made to an applicant. During the recruitment phase, your institution may source names from third-party vendors (e.g. SSS, EOS), attend school fairs, and load prospect data from testing agencies (e.g. SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE). Your institution now has the ability to use delivered functionality to develop its own application and data load processes using features such as AAWS (Admissions Application Web Services) and PDL (Prospect Data Load). Other delivered processes at your disposal are admissions evaluation tools, the 3C’s, and evaluating test and/or transfer credit for newly admitted students. You have the wonderful opportunity to share your institution’s best practices for the Admissions Campus Solutions module and we’re especially excited to learn how you may be using delivered functionality “out-of-the-box” from Oracle to streamline the recruitment and/or admissions process.


Budgeting & Planning

The budgeting and planning track seeks to provide a forum for open discussion of budgeting and planning activities, technologies and strategic alternatives within various Oracle products including; PeopleSoft EPM (such as Budgeting and Planning), Hyperion EPM (such as Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting), PeopleSoft Financials, and PeopleSoft Human Capital Management.

This Alliance conference track will offer a wide range of budgeting topics that focus on the development and participation of future budgeting, planning and forecasting communities of practice. Specific presentations featuring Oracle strategists and developers will cover general overviews of the products and future road maps to upcoming releases of the software. In addition, the track strives to offer a broad range of sessions that focus on budget development, maintenance and reporting requirements. Presentations will include a focus on position management as it relates to the budgeting process as well as integration with other modules to manage workforce and other personnel resources. The sessions will also focus on a “best practice” approach to better planning and budgeting processes through interactive panel discussions, real-world industry cases, and other higher education and public sector technology demonstrations.


Campus Community

The Campus Community presentations deal with managing people and their personal data including prospects, applicants, students, alumni, parents/guardians or staff.  This covers everything from registering new individuals on the system, checking for duplicates, identifying and communicating effectively with either a single person or large cohorts, managing affiliations with the institution, and the integration of personal data and business processes after the CS/HR database split.  The track encourages presentations suitable for a range of experience levels from novice to advanced users, and also welcomes SEVIS related topics.

Campus Community and personal data are central to many processes across all Campus Solutions modules. The functionality covered includes Personal Information management and integration, Self-Service, Delegated Access, Search/Match and Duplicate id detection/resolution, 3Cs and Communication Generation, Affiliations, Constituent Transaction Management, Evaluation Management, SEVIS, and much more.



Traditional software has typically been on premise, where it has been installed, used, and maintained locally and under control of, the customer. Increasingly, Oracle and other vendors are focusing on developing cloud-based applications, where programs and data are stored offsite and access to the application occurs remotely, via the web. There are many factors which may go into the decision to move to cloud-based software, including cost, security, compliance, the end-user experience, and the need to customize vs. configure. In this track, you will hear from Oracle and other vendors highlighting their Cloud-based software offerings as well as reports from institutional members who have decided to move forward with cloud-based software solutions.


Contributor Relations

PeopleSoft Contributor Relations (CR) encompasses everything from friend raising to fundraising for institutions both small and large. Campaign Management – which includes the ability to record and report on business unit fundraising goals as well as individual goals, Constituent Records Management, Gift and Pledge Processing, Memberships, and Volunteer tracking are all included under the Contributor Relations umbrella. CR is also the management tool Major Gift Officers use to create and manage strategies, record contact activity and work plans for prospect development and solicitations. CR can also be utilized by research staff for recording and managing research information and prospect ratings.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The CRM track will include informative presentations relating to Oracle’s PeopleSoft for Higher Education CRM product as well as the Oracle CX cloud product offerings (ex. Marketing, Sales, Service and Social). CRM has a proven track record of increasing productivity related to recruiting, retention and fundraising for higher education institutions. We hope to continue the tradition of providing valuable information to those who use or are considering future use of an Oracle CRM solution - sessions in the CRM track will be valuable to those who are in any phase of the implementation lifecycle.

Presentations in the CRM track will include content from various CRM modules including Marketing/ Online Marketing, Support/ Call Center, and Sales as they relate to Higher Education. Expect to see sessions such as use cases of CRM, customizations to CRM, roadmaps, upgrade assistance, and both functional and technical knowledge. CRM track sessions will be of interest to CRM professionals as well as specialists in Admissions, Advising, Student Records, and Contributor Relations.


Financial Aid

The Financial Aid track pertains to the Campus Solutions module that assists schools in awarding students with scholarships, grants, bursaries, waivers, fellowships, hardship funds, honors and prizes, loans, stipends and student work. General functionality includes on-line and batch award packaging; repackaging awards when there have been changes; tracking award aggregate totals; sending communications to students; assigning tasks to the student for follow-up; providing student self-service; scheduling disbursements; and monitoring eligibility at disbursement.

Functionality is delivered for country specific awarding including:

U.S. specific functionality assists with importing and loading ISIRs; monitoring verification; specifying cost of attendance; originating federal grants and loans; monitoring Satisfactory Academic Progress; and calculating Return of Title IV Funds.

U.K. specific functionality assists with the Student Loans Company processing including the SSAR import, SSAC export, ACR import and export, processing remittance files and HEBBS.

Canadian specific functionality assists with Canadian Needs Analysis and financial aid verification. The system allows loading of data from the provincial Student Support Branch which governs the Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP). The Student Support Branch holds official eligibility data for the Canadian Student Loans Program (CSLP), Ontario Student Loans (OSL), various Canada Study Grants, various Ontario Access Grants, and the Ontario Tuition Grant. 


General Ledger

With the growing need to do more with less, today’s finance professionals must adopt an attitude of constant learning and innovation. As technology becomes pervasive and social media becomes the norm, today’s workforce must be rooted in firm financial principles while constantly evaluating the changing landscape. The General Ledger Track at Alliance will help attendees do that. Emphasis will be placed on presentations (workshops or sessions) that creatively address current issues by leveraging the available resources (technical or functional) in the areas of General Ledger, Asset Management, Reporting, nVision/Query/XML, Commitment Control, Treasury/Cash Management, and Inventory.


Grants, Contracts and Billing

The Grants, Contracts, and Billing Track encompasses all aspects of the Grants, Customer Contracts, Project Costing, Customers, Billing, eBill and Accounts Receivable modules in PeopleSoft. This track is an excellent resource for information on these modules as well as integration with Third Party vendors. These modules work in conjunction with Commitment Control, Accounts Payable, Travel and Expense, Purchasing/POs, Asset Management, General Ledger, etc.


HRMS (Human Resources Management System)

The HRMS track for the Alliance Conference is a means for our user community to share experiences with PeopleSoft HCM products, whether you are a higher education or a public sector user.  The HRMS Track is a forum to share our unique talents and expertise with our peers.  Whether you are a new or experienced user, the goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to network, share and learn.

Track topics can cover any of the functionality within the PeopleSoft HCM product. As HRMS users we know that we have a big array of modules and an even bigger array of talent in our HEUG/PSUG community! If you feel that you have an innovation, best practice, project or experience in any of the PeopleSoft HCM modules, then the Alliance HRMS Track is for you and we want to hear from you!!



The Innovations track will offer sessions that are cross-modular in nature (covering three or more modules), topics that are applicable to a very wide audience, and/or topics that don’t “belong” to any one group, but are critical to many (e.g. Innovations in the use of Mobile/Fluid, Related Content, Rules Engine, etc.).  Hear what institutions are doing that move them to the forefront to improve the overall user (student, faculty/staff, employee) experience.  


New Products and Technology 

The track will provide sessions designed to showcase new and innovative ideas, future-looking functionality and strategic design.  This is where Oracle and other vendors can preview ideas on technologies that will be important in the near future. Learn what’s coming; see demonstrations of the latest and greatest.


Oracle EBS

The e-Business Suite (or EBS) Track is primarily (but not exclusively) for HEUG members who use Oracle’s e-Business Suite. The primary sponsor for the EBS Track is the EBS Product Advisory Group (PAG), which is comprised of member institutions of varying sizes, funding and nationalities.  The diversity of the EBS PAG helps ensure that a wide cross-section of users and modules are represented.

The EBS Track is committed to ensuring that the needs of Higher Education users are met and supported by Oracle. Upholding this ethos, the PAG has scheduled monthly conference calls about implementation issues and development requests, and members are invited to participate in the wide range of webinars throughout the year that address various items of interest. This is also reflected in the presentations provided by the EBS Track at the Alliance Conference. Topics covered range from developments in HCM & Payroll, Financials, Procurement, Project & Grant Accounting and CRM modules; to more technical presentations about upgrade experiences, new technologies available for EBS, interfacing from other systems, and the best way to get the most out of your EBS investment.


Procurement to Pay

The Procurement-to-Pay (PTP) track provides educational opportunities as well as discussion forums on topics surrounding purchasing and payment activities, best practices, technologies and strategic planning. The track is designed to foster discussion of business practices and technology solutions by professionals involved in the procurement process. Participants focus on the complete procurement cycle from strategic sourcing, contract management, processing requisitions and purchase orders and asset acquisition through the most efficient invoicing and payment methods. Participants also cover the employee travel and expense reimbursement process and purchasing cards. This track covers all processes that are supported by the following products within the Oracle/PeopleSoft Financials suite: Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Expenses, eSettlements, eProcurement, eSupplier, Inventory, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts.

The Procurement-to-Pay Alliance conference track sessions are presented by functional and technical users of the Oracle/PeopleSoft Financials products. These demonstration type sessions allow attendees to learn how their peers have resolved situations such as mandated regulatory changes, system upgrades, product customizations and institutional strategic re-alignment. Some of the sessions are panel discussions that allow for open dialogue where all who participate have the opportunity to voice concerns and garner advice. Other sessions are designed to feature specific Oracle product feature overviews and the roadmap for future development.


Project and Change Management

The Project and Change Management (PCM) track focuses on a variety of topics related to project management, change management, training, and end-user support. Presentations in this track will be of value to individuals responsible for conveying technical information on Oracle applications to non-technical audiences.

Sessions, expert panels, and workshops address issues such as the people and process components of project management, techniques to lead organizational change, adult-learner theory, training tools and techniques.  The broad range of topics may include aspects of project justification, governance, requirements, and specifications, as well as development and testing, communication, resource management, and training documentation.

Track presenters come from a diverse international group of higher education (colleges, universities, and community colleges) and public sector/governmental entities.


Public Sector

The Public Sector track provides a forum for sharing information and experiences among peers from state, local governments, K-12 schools and utility organizations. Higher Education members are encouraged to take a look at the Public Sector track. Many of our experiences and processes cross industry lines and are relevant to your organization as well.

Public Sector uses a broad range of Oracle modules including Recruitment, Time and Labor, Benefits, Payroll, General Ledger, Grants, Project Costing, Accounts Payable, Procure to Pay, and Budgeting and Planning. New or seasoned Alliance members, come and connect with the public sector community. We are eager to share our experiences with you and hear about your creative innovations as well.


Reporting and Business Intelligence

The Reporting and Business Intelligence track covers the retrieval and presentation of information for strategic, operational, and tactical decision-making that aid and impact our students, faculty, staff, friends, and external entities. No matter your functional area, position in the institution, or the software vendors you use, you will find sessions of interest.


Security and Audit

The purpose of the Security and Audit Track is to provide attendees with ideas of how other organizations are handling and addressing the creation and maintenance of user accounts, what level(s) of access are provided at the application and database level, methods/techniques used to provide the access, how auditing mandates are met, and how overall Oracle application security is monitored,  maintained, and enhanced.


Student Financials

The Student Financials module in PeopleSoft encompasses university Bursar functionality, and is responsible for maintaining the student account. The product administers Tuition, Charges and Payments, Billing, Cashiering, Refunding, Collections, Payment Plans, Third Party Payments, Student Taxes and General Ledger Feed. Via self service, students can view their accounts, make payments and conduct all of their Bursar business.

The Student Financials track at Alliance Conference is a vibrant community of bursar, financial and technical professionals. The track features robust presentations on the setup and use of all aspects of the SF functionality. Topics that have been presented at recent conferences include Demystifying Tuition Calculation, The SF-Student Records Connection, Using Population Selection, Payment Applier, Archiving, and Oracle presentations on new SF features. The track also offers a Community Session and two “Birds of a Feather” sessions to facilitate networking and provide an opportunity to share solutions to common challenges.


Student Records

Attendees have plenty to experience in the Student Records (SR) workshops and sessions at Alliance. Experts from Oracle and from institutions representing the global landscape of higher education share information about how students, staff and faculty access and update their information. Most sessions focus on how institutions set up their information system to best support student services, manage institutional records, and provide accurate reports. Topics include courses and classes, enrollment, grades, academic credit/statistics, graduation planning, enrollment requisites/PERC as well as newer functionality like Program Enrollment and Activity Management. There are also opportunities throughout the conference to connect with and learn from other SR users from around the globe through the Birds of a Feather and Community sessions and subsequent networking with your colleagues. From first-time conference attendees to veteran users, something is available for everyone in the Student Records sessions.



Oracle’s PeopleSoft and E-Business applications deliver a rich set of tools and abilities.  The  Technical Track is where you’ll learn from Oracle and other institutions how to effectively leverage the delivered toolset at your institution.  Come hear about new functionality, Oracle’s strategic direction, and how others have solved challenges similar to yours.  We offer sessions for all skills levels on a variety of topics largely focused around PeopleSoft technology.  Whether you are just beginning or an advanced user, you’ll find something useful in the Technical Track.