2017 Highlights

What's planned for Alliance 2017?

OVER 400 Educational Sessions

The 21 tracks cover a wide range of topics for an even wider variety of user-level knowledge base. The sessions span from the quick ideas within mini sessions, to the standard hour-long sessions, and to the in-depth 2-hour deep dives. Monday workshops are 4-hour training sessions with a lunch provided.

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Networking Opportunities

Attendees continue to list networking as the biggest value of Alliance. The program schedule provides several structured opportunities for you to network with your peers, share your experiences, and get new ideas for your applications.


Monday, February 27

Erik Wahl is an internationally recognized graffiti artist, author and entrepreneur who redefines the term “keynote speaker.”

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Opening Session

Monday, February 27

Join us as we kick off the conference with our popular networking event.

Exhibitor Hall

Monday, February 27 - Wednesday, March 1

Over 100+ Exhibitors will once again be attending Alliance, so you can find great third party solutions and services.

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Product Roadmaps

Tuesday, February 28

Senior Oracle strategists will share the future direction for the major Oracle applications being used by our attendees.

Stop & Share

Tuesday, February 28 - Wednesday, March 1

The Stop and Share sessions are designed to make networking easy. Do you have a topic that has perplexed you or your institution? Often, others have had the same issue, and some may even have solved it. Come by to discuss your issues, brainstorm with your peers, make new contacts and learn what others have done to reach a solution.

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Community Service Projects

Tuesday, February 28 - Wednesday, March 1

Our attendees always enjoy giving back through our community service projects. You can help out in 2017, too.

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Closing Night Event

Wednesday, March 1

Join us at the Alliance Nightclub sponsored by GreyHeller or the Jazz Lounge for a fun-filled evening.

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Block off your schedule now and plan on joining us at Alliance 2017!