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Alliance 2017 Exhibitor List

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Premier Sponsor Booth    
Oracle Oracle http://www.oracle.com Oracle
Platinum Sponsor Booth    
Ciber 507 http://www.ciber.com Ciber
Grey Heller 301 http://www.greyheller.com/ Grey Heller
HEUG Booth 521 http://www.heug.org HEUG Booth
Highpoint Technology Solutions 501 http://mhighpoint.com Highpoint Technology Solutions
Huron 206 http://www.huronconsultinggroup.com Huron
Maverick Solutions 215 http://www.mavericksolutions.net Maverick Solutions
Nelnet Campus Commerce 315 http://www.campuscommerce.com Nelnet Campus Commerce
OnBase by Hyland 415 https://OnBase.com/HEUG OnBase by Hyland
Runner Enterprise Data Quality 201 http://www.runneredq.com Runner Enterprise Data Quality
Sierra-Cedar 401 http://www.sierra-cedar.com Sierra-Cedar
Touchnet 515 http://touchnet.com Touchnet
Gold Sponsor Booth    
CASHnet a Blackboard Company 214 http://www.cashnet.com CASHnet a Blackboard Company
Cognizant 528 http://www.cognizant.com Cognizant
College Scheduler 615 http://www.collegescheduler.com/ College Scheduler
CollegeNET 527 https://corp.collegenet.com CollegeNET
CourseLeaf from Leepfrog Technologies 423 http://www.courseleaf.com CourseLeaf from Leepfrog Technologies
Deloitte 607 http://www.deloitte.com/highereducation Deloitte
DIGARC 323 http://www.digarc.com DIGARC
ERPA 306 http://www.erpagroup.com ERPA
Fischer International 514 http://www.fischerinternational.com Fischer International
Gideon Taylor Consulting 326 http://gideontaylor.com/ Gideon Taylor Consulting
GlobalSource IT http://globalsourceit.com GlobalSource IT
Highstreet IT 211 http://highstreetit.com Highstreet IT
InFlight Corporation 111 http://www.inflightintegration.com/ InFlight Corporation
Intrasee 220 http://intrasee.com Intrasee
Lexmark 221 http://www.lexmark.com/highered Lexmark
OIG Global 518/419 http://www.oig.global OIG Global
Regent Education 226 http://regenteducation.com Regent Education
SAP 428/329 http://www.sap.com/solution/industry/higher-education-research.html SAP
Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. 623 http://www.smarterp.com Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.
Silver Sponsor Booth    
Accenture 109 http://www.accenture.com Accenture
ACI Worldwide 629 https://www.aciworldwide.com/ ACI Worldwide
CherryRoad Technologies Inc. 433 http://cherryroad.com CherryRoad Technologies Inc.
Elire Inc. 626 http://www.elire.com Elire Inc.
Ellucian 210 http://www.ellucian.com Ellucian
Ferrilli 101 http://Ferrilli.com Ferrilli
Innofin Solutions 634 http://innofinsolutions.com Innofin Solutions
N Prodigy 330 http://www.nprodigy.com N Prodigy
National Student Clearinghouse 337 http://www.studentclearinghouse.org/ National Student Clearinghouse
Presence of IT http://www.presenceofit.com/ Presence of IT
SkyBridge Global 207 http://skybridgeglobal.com SkyBridge Global
The Burgundy Group 537 http://www.tbginc.com/ The Burgundy Group
TimeClock Plus 429 https://www.timeclockplus.com/ TimeClock Plus
Exhibitor Booth    
Ad Astra Information Systems 619 http://www.aais.com Ad Astra Information Systems
Adirondack Solutions 435 http://adirondacksolutions.com/ Adirondack Solutions
ADP 335 http://adp.com ADP
Aquiire - Real-Time P2P Suite 236 http://www.Aquiire.com Aquiire - Real-Time P2P Suite
Astute Business Solutions 437 http://beastute.com Astute Business Solutions
AwardSpring 534 http://awardspring.com/ AwardSpring
Beacon Application Services 334 http://www.beaconservices.com/ Beacon Application Services
CollegeSource 127 http://www.collegesource.com/ CollegeSource
Constituo Software 133 http://www.constituosoftware.com/ Constituo Software
Credential Solutions 119 http://www.credentialssolutions.net/ Credential Solutions
DocFinity 533 http://www.docfinity.com/education DocFinity
Drivestream 232 http://www.drivestream.com/ Drivestream
Dublabs 230 http://www.dublabs.com Dublabs
GNC Consulting, Inc. 336 http://www.gnc-consulting.com/ GNC Consulting, Inc.
Heartland IT Consulting 630 https://www.heartlanditc.com/ Heartland IT Consulting
I Data Inc 432 http://www.idatainc.com/ I Data Inc
Infosilem 532 http://infosilem.com Infosilem
Insum 535 https://insum.ca/ Insum
Kaba Workforce Solutions 536 http://www.kaba-benzing-usa.com/ Kaba Workforce Solutions
Liaison 131 http://www.liaisonedu.com/ Liaison
Modo Labs 631 http://www.modolabs.com Modo Labs
Navigator Management Partners 231 http://www.navmp.com/ Navigator Management Partners
New Resources Consulting (NRC) 632 http://www.nrconsults.com/ New Resources Consulting (NRC)
Next Gen Web Solutions 611 http://www.ngwebsolutions.com Next Gen Web Solutions
Nivo1 233 http://www.nivo1.com Nivo1
Oracular 235 http://www.oracular.com/ Oracular
Parchment 434 http://www.parchment.com Parchment
Performance Architects 227 http://www.performancearchitects.com Performance Architects
Phire 107 http://www.phire-soft.com Phire
Remy Corporation 218 http://www.remycorp.com/ Remy Corporation
SDA Consulting 436 http://www.sdaci.com/ SDA Consulting
Signal Vine 229 http://www.signalvine.com Signal Vine
Signature Consultants 129 https://www.sigconsult.com/ Signature Consultants
StarRez 333 http://www.starrez.com StarRez
TAM Training 531 https://www.tamtraining.com/ TAM Training
TeachMe2Day 628 http://www.teachme2day.com/ TeachMe2Day
The Soaring Group 234 http://thesoaringgroup.com/ The Soaring Group
Visual Schedule Builder 332 http://visualschedulebuilder.com/ Visual Schedule Builder
Small Vendor Booth    
Amazon Web Services
Apex IT http://www.apexit.com Apex IT
CY2 http://cy2.nl/ CY2
Epicenter http://epicenter.eu/ Epicenter
Joseph W. Hendrickson, LLC. https://www.josephwhendricksonllc.com/
KPMG LLP http://kpmg.com KPMG LLP
Kyrbia http://www.kyriba.com/ Kyrbia
Luja Consulting http://www.lujaconsulting.com/ Luja Consulting
M2 Strategy Consulting http://www.m2strategy.com/ M2 Strategy Consulting
MCX Administration Services BV https://www.mcx.nl/en MCX Administration Services BV
Mindstream Analytics http://www.mindstreamanalytics.com Mindstream Analytics
Neo Data http://neodata.com.au/ Neo Data
ThoughtFocus Technologies http://www.thoughtfocus.com/ ThoughtFocus Technologies
Vertical Edge Consulting Group http://verticaledgecg.com/ Vertical Edge Consulting Group
Visions Consulting http://visions.co.za/ Visions Consulting

For additional Sponsorship questions, email us at exhibitors@heug.org or call (602) 845-5972



Alliance 2017 Exhibit Hall Layout

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