Agenda Builder

We ask that you fill in the agenda builder prior to coming to the conference.  This assists in planning and in the organization of rooms.  Also, there are a number of other advantages in filling in the agenda builder:

  • Having a proactive strategy of attending the sessions that are most beneficial to you and your institution
  • Accessing the slides and additional information posted by the speaker available at your fingertips prior to the session starting
  • Ability to organize where you need to be and when
  • Accessible schedule from the HEUG mobile application (or may be printed prior to arriving on-site as well as imported to your calendaring application)
  • Ease of completing session survey at the end of the conference - You can only evaluate the session if you build your agenda


APP - We will have a new Alliance App that will provide attendees with the most current information on sessions, contacts, maps, news,  etc.  More information on the app coming soon.  For the Alliance App to work effectively, users should ‘Build Your Agenda’ once it is open online, prior to the conference. Additionally, you have the option of downloading your agenda in an electronic format before the conference or printing your agenda before you arrive. The session and events also need to be on your agenda in order to take the conference surveys, download speaker presentations, etc.


Have you reviewed the Agenda and determined which sessions you want to attend?  Great! Now you are ready to build your agenda!


    • After you are registered for the conference, click the "Build Your Agenda" button below.
    • Select "My Agenda"
    • Click the "+ Add Session" button for the sessions you want to add
    • Filter the sessions by track or view all sessions available for each day/time slot. Click on the title to view the session details.
    • To add a session, click on the title and "+Add Session to My Agenda".  With the Agenda Builder feature you are able to schedule multiple sessions for each time slot, as well as an area for you to "Add Note" which could be used as personal appointments to your schedule!

    Build Your Agenda